Impressive Capture Of Highly Venomous Eastern Brown Snake!

Published October 18, 2021 47,410 Views $45.24 earned

Rumble Ryan Fuller and his partner, Dimity Maxfield, are professional snake catchers on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

They filmed this video around 8am on 17th of October, 2021 in Twin Waters, Queensland, Australia.

"We got a call-out to a large Eastern Brown sunning its self next to a homeowners pool in Twin Waters. We arrived in 10 minutes and just in time as the snake had started moving. I grabbed my tools and quickly made my way to the backyard. The homeowner pointed out the snake's location. I saw it starting to escape under the pool/deck area and made a quick dash to grab him before he went all the way under" said Ryan.

"After I grabbed him, I started assessing the situation at this point to see what I needed to do to get him back out without harming him. After applying a bit of tension to the snake, along with a few pokes and prods, I managed to get him to let go and come all the way out of hiding. I gave him a quick health check to make sure the snake didn't have any injuries before placing him in the bag. The snake was in the middle of shedding and this caused him to be a bit slippery as the old skin was coming off" said Ryan.