1 year ago

Mike Pompeo Speech at Hong Kong Freedom Beacon in Calvary Christian Fellowship San Jose

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke on how to combat China the totalitarian regime that denies human rights and freedom and how Americans and freedom fighters across the world can fight back against it in a freedom conference regarding the situation of Hong Kong in San Jose, California. He is accompanied by Miles Yu, an American historian, and strategist who served as principal China policy and planning adviser to Mike Pompeo, and Elmer Yuen, Hong Kong industrialist, lead commentator, and activist on toppling Chinese Communism.
• Mike McClure (Senior Pastor in Calvary Christian Fellowship San Jose https://www.calvarysj.org/about-us/)
• Neil Mammen (https://jesusisinvolvedinpolitics.com/about-the-author)
• Elmer Yuen (Founder of Hong Kong Freedom Beacon https://hongkongfreedombeacon.com)
• Miles Yu (a principal China policy planner and strategist to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo)
• Mike Pompeo Launches CAVPAC To Champion American Values https://cavpac.com/news/pompeo-launches-cavpac-to-champion-american-values/

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