EWE Wagons East (Naches Pass 4×4 Trip) - 10/10/21

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Rumble Eastern Washington Expeditions
Wagons East (Naches Pass/Raven Roost Trip)

Wagons East is our clubs Jeep trip on the Historical Naches Pass Trail. The trail is famous because the Longmire party was the first wagon train to used it to head west in 1853. The trail was not finished so they had a rough time getting across. They had to winch down the Naches Trail Cliffs near Greenwater. On our Wagons East Jeep trip, we start at the Naches Trail Cliffs and go west to east.

Photo report: https://easternwashingtonexpeditions.com/recreation/photos-ewe-wagons-east-naches-pass-4x4-trip/

Video taken with a GoPro Hero9 Black & Samsung Galaxy S9+

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