Battle for Humanity – The Transhuman Agenda behind Covid

This production is a documentary on the Covid pandemic that never was. It features the medical commentary of Carrie Madej, MD, and the program host, David Sorensen of Stop World Control. Dr Madej reveals how Big Tech and Big Pharma are fusing new technologies into injectable concoctions – deceptively described as vaccines – that permanently and irreversibly alter cellular DNA. The purpose of these concoctions is, not to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, but to genetically modify those who receive the injections. This is the beginning of a process called transhumanism, sometimes called Human 2.0. The concoctions, not only alter DNA, they contain nanoparticles that react to electromagnetic energy such as radio waves and cell-phone signals (think 5G) and thereby, connect human neurons to control signals which enable government authorities and neuro-tech engineers to control the new humanoids without their consent or even their knowledge. This is not science fiction, it is science fact, and it is being installed in the name of fighting a pandemic that was totally engineered for this purpose. 2021 Oct 5 – Source: Stop World Control

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