Proverbs 6.6-11 'Identifying Laziness' -- Dedicated2Jesus Daily Devotional Audio

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Proverbs 6.6-11 'Identifying Laziness' -- Dedicated2Jesus Daily Devotional Audio

Proverbs 6.6-11 NASB 'Identifying Laziness'

Go to the ant, you lazy one,
Observe its ways and be wise,
7 Which, having no chief,
Officer, or ruler,
8 Prepares its food in the summer
And gathers its provision in the harvest.
9 How long will you lie down, you lazy one?
When will you arise from your sleep?
10 “A little sleep, a little slumber,
A little folding of the hands to rest,”
11 Then your poverty will come in like a drifter,
And your need like an armed man.

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