Let's Go, Brandon!

Published October 8, 2021 509,132 Views

Rumble This 34 second video has had 509,128 Views since October 8th and it has enabled over half a million patriots to tell Joe Biden what they think of him. Millions more would like to have the same opportunity, so please keep posting it everywhere you can.

Let's keep it going VIRAL!

I challenge all of you who still have a facebook profile to copy & paste and repost this message in its' entirety on your profile walls and groups, as well as send it to all of your friends via Facebook Messenger. The country you save may be your own!

Let's go, Brandon!

Too bad really important videos like the ones below can't get the same amount of attention. If Americans had attention spans longer than 34 seconds, we could turn this country around in a few weeks:

Veterans: Can you hear me now?

Agenda: Grinding America Down

The End of America: The Cloward-Piven Strategy

The Battle of Athens: Restoring The Rule of Law

Ronald Reagan - We Must Fight!

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