Catherine Austin Fitts - The real reset is the Going Direct Reset

Published September 28, 2021 925 Views

Rumble September 26th, 2021
Catherine had a successful career on Wall Street in the 1980s, later working as an Assistant Secretary
of Housing in the Bush Senior Administration. Because she was too successful in fighting financial fraud,
and for creating investment products that benefit modal incomes, she got involved
in a lawsuit with the federal government.
After 11 years of litigation, she managed to clear her name. She then founded the Solari Report, with which she
by means of 'actionable intelligence' (information that provides you with a perspective for action)
helps people have a free and to lead an inspired life.
We spoke to her about the Going Direct Reset, a plan for radical reform of the financial system to which
Central Bankers decided during a meeting in August 2019. That was the kick-off for the crisis in which
As we find ourselves now, the WEF's Great Reset is just the marketing for this bigger plan.
What forces/powers are behind this? Despite having seemingly sovereign states,
many countries appear to be following the same agenda. Catherine's name for the power behind the scenes is
"mr. Global” and we explore how it compares to China, Russia and the US.
What weapons are used against us? When we think of weapons, we quickly think of pistols, bombs or nuclear weapons.
However, in the world of security services and from black budgets, all kinds of weapons have been developed
where people have no knowledge of. The fact that they are invisible makes them all the more effective.
Catherine shares her knowledge about these technologies and talks about her personal experiences.

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