Band jams out on fire escape

Published September 20, 2021 104,859 Views $81.34 earned

Rumble A group of musicians took residents of an apartment block on Adam Clayton Powell Avenue in Harlem, New York by surprise with their late night jam session.

Drew Finder was running by Central Park when he stopped off to listen to the swing cover song. The performance was a fundraising event to support those coping with losses form Hurricane Ida. He said the band covered various songs and he was lucky to catch one of their performances.

Drew said: "I loved the music! I’d been having a really hard time mentally, as I just moved to NYC a month ago and I’m still adjusting and the jam sesh made my night.

"There was a crowd of about 100 people gathered around watching the band play."

The fire escape proved to be the perfect spot for saxophonist Connell Thompson and his band to entertain the apartment block. To listen to more of Connell's music, check out his Instagram and TikTok: connellthompsonsax.

Connell reposted the video of his performance on his Instagram with the caption:

'This was from our Live On The Balcony Performance, inspired by last year's 7pm celebrations of our essential workers. This particular performance was a fundraiser for those who suffered losses from Hurricane Ida last week.'


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