Military homecoming leaves even the teachers in tears

Published September 16, 2021 151,929 Views $110.63 earned

Rumble Marjorie Tran, 30, from Florida, waited patiently for husband Tony to return from deployment to film the special moment her children reunited with their father after a long nine months.

Tony came home for Labor Day after moving from active duty to the reserves.

All the teachers at the elementary school Luna, 8 years-old, and Liam, 6 years-old, attend, were in on the surprise and cried along with Marjorie and Tony in the emotional reunion.

Liam had taken his father's departure the hardest and had not seen his Dad since January this year. Marjorie said:

"The second my son came in and jumped in my husband’s arms he was immediately in tears and couldn’t let go. My husband is a police officer outside of the U.S. Army and is my son’s everything.

"So this was a huge moment for Liam since he’s been taking this separation the hardest."

Marjorie and Tony have been married for seven years and met whilst he was on active duty in the US Army.

Marjorie said: "He was home visiting his sister for the weekend for whom I worked for at the time. We have been together since late 2013, since we have been together this is his second deployment."