Adorable Tripod Cat Raised By Husky Mum!

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Rumble Eleonora, 24, lives with four cats and three dogs at her home in Sicily, Italy! These videos were filmed between June 2020 and August 2021.

"The video tells the story of my tripod kitten named PiediNO, he came to me in critical condition, in the video we can see his recovery and growth together with his "mom" Sharon, my Siberian Husky!" said Eleonora.

When PiediNO was found, he was only five days old, malnourished and filled with bugs. He had been abandoned by his mother, and one of his legs had been gnawed away by mice!

As a result, he lost his foot on one side, and up to his knee joint on his other side. His legs were seriously infected, and Eleonora feared he would not survive.

But luckily his will to live and his bright personality got him through!

At just ten days old, five days after he was found, he was walking all on his own.

He attached himself to Eleonora's Husky, Sharon, who essentially raised the little kitten!

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