A Final Warning to Humanity from former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon

Published September 14, 2021 4,121 Views

Rumble Pay no heed to all this talk about “variants”.
It’s merely an attempt to sell you on the idea of getting “vaccinated” in perpetuity.
Your Immune system’s T cells can mount attacks against many coronavirus targets — EVEN ON NEW VARIANTS, according to the La Jolla Institute of Immunology:

Flu viruses mutate significantly more, and nobody would ever claim that a new flu virus strain is completely novel.

“The term “silent carriers” was conjured out of a hat and it was claimed that one could be sick without having symptoms.

The next joke that some virologists shared was the claim that those who were sick without symptoms could still spread the virus to other people…

But for doctors and virologists to twist this into a story of “healthy” sick people, which stokes panic and was often given as a reason for stricter lockdown measures, just shows how bad the joke really is.”

~ Dr. Beda Stadler
Former director of the Institute for Immunology at the University of Bern
Biologist & Professor Emeritus
Coronavirus: Why Everyone Was Wrong

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