20 Years Later: September 11th Survivors Expose the Truth & Tragedy Behind the Aftermath | Goalcast

Published September 11, 2021 1,584 Views

Rumble The September 11th attacks made world history - now 20 years later, we remember the heroes and survivors behind 9/11 with jaw-dropping stories from Jon Stewart, Joe Torrillo and Lauren Manning.

Watch as Jon Stewart calls out America’s shameful response against 9/11 first responders suffering from severe health issues caused by the Twin Towers attack. Hear the unbelievable story of retired FDNY Lieutenant, Joe Torrillo, the “Man Who Was Burned Alive on 9/11”... And see how Lauren Manning miraculously SURVIVED from INSIDE the World Trade Center!

May these stories and mind-bending life lessons be a reminder to always fight for what you believe in. We Will Never Forget.