Inspirational chef makes green and red lasagne for his colour blind girlfriend

Published September 8, 2021 46,456 Views $43.28 earned

Rumble Chef Brian from Oklahoma makes coloured dishes food for his girlfriend who is red-green colour blind.

Brian said: 'I knew that she had trouble seeing certain colours, it started out as an actual joke although over time it started to become something serious on my TikTok.'

Brian found fame on TikTok by addressing his followers as if they were all colour blind like his girlfriend. In his video that has been viewed almost 11 million times, he starts by saying 'as you can see the noodles are red instead of the regular colour', when the lasagne sheets are actually coloured a deep green.

He comments cryptic responses to the concern for his own vision in the comment section: 'I respond with something like 'perception is reality' which people don’t like too much, or I make them think they may be colour blind.'

The chef's most popular videos show him cooking pasta for his lucky girlfriend. Brian said: 'Pasta is the most malleable and can be easily coloured, my favourite thing to cook for her is pasta.

'It’s the easiest to make coloured and ends up looking amazing in noodle form after cooked.'

Brian is bringing out a vegetarian and vegan cook book and continues to cook for his girlfriend over on his TikTok: kingbg369