Biden DOESN'T Believe life begins at conception an it's a RIGHT to Kill.

Published September 3, 2021 180 Views

Rumble BIden thinks as do a lot of stupid Americans that it is a RIGHT to KILL a Baby, A LIFE! The early Hebrews did the SAME when they had sex at all the pagan temples of Ashtoreth (goddess of sex) and then because abortion wasn't developed yet, they would give birth and place the LIVE baby on the red hot iron arms of the idol Molech and sacrifice them to fire as the baby screamed,so they could have all the sex without the responsibility as they wished, God judged them for this. America is doing the SAME thing, we just do it IN THE WOMB instead so we can worship "sex" without the little idol. We are about to be judged by God for this abomination. My guess is it will all go to hell in 2023 (See my video "The Barisheet" Prophecy and you'll see it also.


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