Forced vaccination and PCR testing are illegal in Canada

Published September 3, 2021 1,902 Views

Rumble Vaccines are not mandatory in Canada

1. Immunization in Canada - Canadian National Report on Immunization, 1996 - CCDR Volume 26S4 May 1997

Is a PCR test ‘genetic testing’?
Requiring or forcing a person to be genetically tested, or “punishing” someone for not doing, so is a criminal offence in Canada.

The recent Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) decision was more on point for other types of ‘genetic tests” BUT PCR testing is a form of genetic testing (meets the legal definition) and should fall under the recent SCC decision (as might the C-19 vaxxes).


Public Bill (Senate) S-201 (42-1) - Royal Assent - Genetic Non-Discrimination Act - Parliament of Canada

The taking of PCR tests (and the C-19 vaxxes) are voluntary, they BOTH require your consent, otherwise whomever forces a PCR test upon you is guilty of a criminal offence–but you MUST allege and claim such within 90 days (under the Act).