Today I walked passed the Juicing station for the Fauci19 hoax

Published September 1, 2021 55 Views

Rumble And there were no cars queuing up. The other day, security said to me that cars are pulling up every 2 and a half minutes for their pre-booking
and it didn't look that way to me because as we know when we are out and about, 2 and a half minutes can be chewed up, just walking 100 metres but get this

I'm in customer service. I spend on average 20 minutes with a new customer explaining the in and outs of installing a shower unit. A kitchen sink with insinkerator and dishwasher below. Or a mains pressure hot water cylinder [no that's BS because it would take close to a hour to seal the deal but lets say I spoke to someone new all day for 20 minutes and I worked a 8 hour shift.
The grand total of people I had to deal with for the day is 24 people for for 20 minutes each, out of a eight hour shift.

Did the security guy really expect me to believe that they send people back out into traffic after 2 and half minutes of a vaccine jab without monitoring them first?

And then we have Bloomfield Hipkins and Ardern telling us they are juicing 72,000 people a day which is 1.20% of the population.

What a joke!