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Episode 21 is our second "Punk Rock 'N Roll" playlist.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLrxmhql1CSGOWp_9ueM0uRxMnXptmEdWo
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6u786UrTQkUtGrJn0if0zq?si=6fc0b746d0e14406

Bands and artists in this playlist include:

Ghost Hounds, Soundhoose, The Word66, Evil On Repeat, The Wooly Bushmen, Thrice, Smash Into Pieces, Honeyblood, Lawmaker, Mojo Alice, Nashville Pussy, Regional One, Beach Fossils, Rocking Owl, Pankhurst, The Lousekateers, PANIC!, Zitter, Capoccia, Paralies, Pitchshifter

Features and discussions include:

-Review of Mr Bad Luck by Soundhoose.

-Visualizers that we created for Evil on Repeat, Lawmaker, and The Lousekateers.

-Thrice releasing new album Horizons / East on September 17, 2021. Thrice is a band that has really been growing on me recently. Never really listened to them previously for whatever reason, not too much exposure. The video for "Black Honey" came on my YouTube rotation one day and caught my attention. It has since become one of my favorite songs and music videos. When I recently heard "Scavengers" from the upcoming album, I decided to pre-order a copy on vinyl.

-We've got one song from Smokin' Sam Babbits that isn't on the Spotify playlist, so check out the YouTube playlist if you want to hear it as well as watch some extreme sports videos that also are only in the YouTube playlist.

-A few weeks back, I made a post in a Facebook group asking people to send me their songs for consideration in our playlists. Somebody sent us this goofy song by Skidd Freeman called "You Suck" (also only in the YouTube playlist). Based on the lyrics, part of me wonders if the person who request the song was trolling me but little do they know that I actually really dig this kind of goofball stuff. It's funny to me. So thank you whoever sent it, regardless of intent.

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