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What does a Princess Cruise really cost?9m49s

What does a Princess Cruise really cost?

What does it really cost to cruise with Princess Cruises? In this video you will learn about the 6 things your fare covers, and the 9 most important things that it does not. Some are unavoidable or hard to avoid and will increase the cost of your cruise by quite a lot of money. So knowing this in advance will ensure you know the real and total cost of your cruise. Every cruise line is different on what their fare includes or excludes. Find out what the situation is on Princess Cruises.

The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida8m17s

The 11 best thing to do in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay is possibly one of the most ignored places in Florida by visitors. It is the state’s third largest city but people tend to think of visiting places like Orlando, Miami, Florida Keys or the beaches at places like Clearwater and St Petersburg. Discover what it has to offer and see if you should be considering adding it as a destination or part of a wider Florida trip.

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?3m07s

Is this the most luxurious cabin at sea?

The Cunard Queen Victoria Q2 Caronia Suite Tour is possibly one of the most luxurious (and costly) cabins you can cruise in. This Queens Grill suite on board the Queen Victoria cruise ship, which is the same as a similar suite on the sister ship Queen Elizabeth, is the "first class" on the ship and the Caronia Suite is a Q2, which means it is the second biggest grade of suite on the ship with the Grand Suite being larger and more expensive. For many this suite is seen as probably one of the most luxurious way to go cruising. In this tour we travel around the suite and talk about the facilities and added extras included.

Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger10s

Woman Finds Maggots In Her Beef Burger

This was the revolting sight that greeted a woman who went to put cheese on her beef burger and found dozens of maggots wriggling around after she bought it from a food stall in Singapore. *** For full copy and to licence the clip visit viralpress (dot) uk

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The 9 best river cruises in the world7m38s

The 9 best river cruises in the world

What are the best river cruises in the world? Which rivers should you consider cruising on, and why? Discover the very best rivers to cruise along across Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States. In this video Gary tells us his recommendation on the top nine rivers to explore as they are the most beautiful, interesting or appealing of all the many rivers you can choose to cruise on.

Business ideas that would only work on Facebook5m17s

Business ideas that would only work on Facebook

You can invest your downtime into a side business that thrives off of the specificity of Facebook ad targeting. Whether you like to make crafts, write, design apparel, or are savvy at drop-shipping, there is a world of new possibilities for your side hustle.

How to work with influencers to reach the masses4m16s

How to work with influencers to reach the masses

An influencer campaign can get you in front of new customers, shortening sales cycles, making larger deals, increasing revenue, and fielding customer questions and complaints. But here's the twist: You need to play the long game. You must entice influencers with a strategy that builds brand ambassadors and long-term content partners.

This Mom Shares Parenting Trick That Saved Her Child2m01s

This Mom Shares Parenting Trick That Saved Her Child

This is a story about a mom sharing a super crazy parenting hack that really works. She dedicates this video to the parents who didn’t know this kind of facts who are just like her and don't know knee-jerk reaction to anything is just panic! One day her daughter started crying. And it was not just a simple cry over a toy or something, she felt like her cry means she is in pain. She knew that something is not right! Her daughter kept touching her nose. When she realized that she took her phone and with her flashlight she try to see what is wrong with her nose! She saw that something really up in her nose, something white was stuck in her nose. She freaked out and her first thought was going to the ER. That day she was supposed to have a one on one meeting with a follower, but she canceled due to her emergency to the ER. This was the moment when her follower who had worked in the ER told her what to do. While in the car on her way to the ER to get an object removed from her daughter's nose, this mom receives some advice from Kari, one of her followers that works right there on the spot! Incredible! The hack was for the baby to open the mouth wide and then cover the nostril where it isn’t stuck and then she blew into the babies mouth, which led to the thing in the nose to pop up due to the air pressure from the mother! Amazing! Amazing trick who maybe saved her baby’s live! Do you know any kind of tricks like this?

Turn your company into a global brand by storytelling4m36s

Turn your company into a global brand by storytelling

Stories are captivating for a reason. From childhood through adulthood, we are drawn to the lessons we learn, the exciting journeys we embark upon, the knowledge we gain and the opportunity to unleash our imaginations. Stories celebrate our culture, and stories are a testament to the lives we have led.

Resonate with your audience using Instagram stories3m38s

Resonate with your audience using Instagram stories

Wondering how to create Instagram stories that will resonate with your audience? Looking for inspiration? Take a break, sit back, grab your favorite snack because this video will explain two ways to use Instagram stories to enhance your engaging content before you can finish a bag of Trader Joe's Ghost Pepper Potato Chips.

How to hire a social media team3m19s

How to hire a social media team

Looking to hire a social media marketer? The term "social media marketer" can refer to a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. You might be running solo and looking to bring in someone to jump-start your social media marketing initiative. Or, perhaps you have an expanding business and are looking to add talent to an existing marketing team.

3 facts to consider when making vertical videos3m05s

3 facts to consider when making vertical videos

In a recent MediaRadar study, this person has found that many have shifted their focus to vertical video. They're realizing that this format is more user-friendly and better accommodates the way people watch videos on smartphones and tablets. You might be a romantic and decide that horizontal video is the classic format, and it should be kept. This person would fully support this except early reports suggest vertical videos provide 3x the return of their horizontal counterparts. Numbers simply don't lie.

How to sell and make money on Instagram4m36s

How to sell and make money on Instagram

Some get-rich-quick scheme? Nope. Just one of the last organic options when it comes to traffic, and you've probably heard of it. It's called Instagram. Some say Instagram has a bad rap. Most think it is just for posting pictures of food, mermaid tails, and inspirational quotes. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Instagram has become a serious platform for driving leads and sales for business.

How to find your artistic style or voice5m04s

How to find your artistic style or voice

The sign of a great artist is when a project's style comes not from the script, song, or brush, but from the artist himself. In filmmaking, it is the camera angles, the lighting, the scene-length and the spaces between the dialogue that tell the story, above any plot-line. Take Quentin Tarantino and the Coen Brothers as an example. So distinctive and influential are their styles they have even earned a place in the dictionary!

Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could2m57s

Rumble delivers more revenue for content creators than YouTube ever could

Video uploading has become easier and more lucrative in the past few years. And content creators have more choice than ever for delivering their videos to the world. YouTube was once the brand name for uploading videos and earning money. But there is a much better platform for reaching an unlimited audience and earning revenue that far surpasses what content creators could ever earn with platforms like YouTube. It's called Rumble. Rumble has emerged as the best choice for uploaders for many reasons. As a video viewing platform, its user friendly presentation and organized setup allows video consumers to find entertaining content more easily. Rumble is gaining momentum with viewers and with advertisers who are looking for more streamlined, quality videos that better enable them to reach their intended audience through ad placement. Advertising has changed dramatically and product suppliers are willing to pay much greater revenue for targeted marketing through videos. What's important is that this all benefits the content creator, or video uploader in a number of ways. Simply put, creators can earn many times what they ever could on YouTube. David McNab is a content creator who discovered Rumble and the potential to earn money almost by accident. In this video, he explains why Rumble is easily the best choice for content creators. He explains that he earns more than $1,000 every month. What he doesn't say though, is that with Rumble, he has earned more than 300 times what he earned on YouTube. David explains that Rumble demands higher ad revenue, shares 60% of that revenue with the content creator (compared with the 10-15% that YouTube pays), and Rumble promotes your videos on Platforms that greatly increase exposure, views and revenue. David is happy to share all that he has learned and will guide you through the process of setting up an account for free. He will teach you everything he has learned in two years so that you can build a channel that earns you money 24 hours a day. He will teach you how to do basic editing, how to add copyright free music, how to create content that increases your chances of approval and how to promote your videos even further on social media. Another incredible thing about Rumble is that the support team is accessible to the content creator to help them learn and grow their business. David has learned a great deal of what he now knows because the support team constantly provided him with support and feedback as he grew his own channel. With 60% of the ad revenue, streamlined content for advertisers, unparalleled promotion, and ongoing personal support for creators, there is no platform that compares to Rumble. Are you ready to start making money with videos? If so, you can register at Rumble.com and start earning right away. Better yet, contact David at mojo_videos@hotmail.com and let him coach you and help you earn even more, much faster.

Cruise Ship Gets Sliced In Half For Extreme Makeover3m07s

Cruise Ship Gets Sliced In Half For Extreme Makeover

In this video we will learn about the most extreme makeover that a cruise ship can go through. We will take a look at the Silver Spirit being cut in half, pulled apart and having a whole new mid-section added to create a bigger, longer and more glitzy ship! Come behind the scenes of an extreme cruise ship makeover like no other. Gary takes you on a journey as Silversea Cruises cuts the Silver Spirit cruise ship in half, pulls the ship part and inserts a new 49-foot mid-section. Come along to the Fincantieri shipyard in Palermo and see and hear about the process of this dramatic cruise ship makeover. See the ship undergo this drastic procedure and find out why Silversea are doing it. Being on the ship site is a magnificent sight, we see the Silver Spirit in the dry dock and along side it is an already made mid-section, 49 foot long, 10 decks high, that is going to be inserted into the middle of the ship. It is an incredibly fast process, too! The ship arrived in the dry dock about 5-6 days before what you are seeing here now. A process that we attended to see it was the last bit of cutting. Once it was cut, there was a series of little trolley devices underneath the front of the ship which then takes the full weight of the ship and begins to move slowly, pulling apart the ship. It takes almost a day to actually move the ship apart, because they have to do it really, really slowly. Once the pieces are far enough apart they then bring all these motorized tracks, bringing in the mid-section, which they slide into the middle of the ship! They push it back together and then they begin welding back the ship! How cool is that! The mid-section addition will bring 34 new passenger cabins, 20 new crew cabins, but it will also increase the number of restaurants from 6 to 8, completely renovating the spa and the pool! With the middle section the ship looks longer and slicker. So you may wonder why on earth, don’t they simply build a new ship? Because, the refurbishing process will cost only around $70 million! That might sound like a lot of money, but building a new ship can cost up to $500 million and above! So, it makes a huge difference, don’t you think?

Adalia Rose Documents Her Monkey Troubles At The Zoo11m56s

Adalia Rose Documents Her Monkey Troubles At The Zoo

There are small zoos, city zoos, mega zoos and then there is the Franklin Zoo, which is a 72 acres zoo located in Boston, Massachusetts. From tropical forests to the Kalahari kingdom and giraffe savannah, the zoo is super diverse and it offers a lot of entertaining activities. This video is exactly a depiction of that zoo and the day when Adalia Rose and her family visit this zoo. At a zoo that big, there is no way to see everything without a tour guide. Though it is freezing cold outside, the weather can’t take the fun out of this adventurous experience. And a safari is an excellent way to see all the unusual animals. It saves a lot of time and energy as well.. It sure makes the visit much more pleasant. There are colorful peacocks and tall lamas that don’t mind the cold and enjoy being in the water. Though the family is covered in blankets and the wind messes with their hair, the excitement of watching the animals run after the safari car helps them forget about the weather. And here comes the camel that is used to visitors and is so friendly that she takes the food out of the child’s hand. One minute we see camels enclosed in their pastures watching the vehicle curiously because they too want to be included in the chase and another minute there is this mini cosmos of animals gathered around the people, galloping gracely by the vehicle because everybody wants to have just a little attention for themselves. The most exciting part comes at the end when the family enters a room full of monkeys that swing, climb and hang on the ceiling stealing wallets, hats, bags and food from the visitors because monkey business seeks a lot of silly maneuvers in order to maintain it. What can be a better proof that something happened if it is not kept alive through taking photos?