Renz: Fauci's Hospital Covid Protocol is Killing People! You must FIGHT for Your Family!!

Published August 21, 2021 19,623 Views

Attorney Thomas Renz speaking at Clay Clark's ReAwaken America Tour in Michigan says he is constantly contacted by families across America who have loved ones being killed by the hospital protocols that Fauci instituted in all US hospitals. The Remdesivir + Ventilator protocol finds people dying and hospitals make money.

You have Medical Rights!

During this speech Attorney Renz gives you several key peices of information on how to fight hospitals and why you must fight for your family members.

Please watch the entire speech.

1- Do not let the hospitals isolate your family members from you.
2 - Remdesivir and Ventilators equal death for your hospitalized family member. That is the Fauci protocol.
3 - Early treatment / intervention is key. Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and Budesonide work. Go here for protocols that work:
The Math+ and I-Mask+ protocols that Renz references in his speech are here:

Another great treatment resource is

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