HeroQuest the Series! Season I - Episode 10: Castle of Mystery

This is another special edition Friday the 13th episode. Anyone familiar with Quest 10: Castle of Mystery knows the fun of rolling the dice to see which room your character moves to. I wanted everyone to know, when making this episode, I rolled the dice each time to see which room each character would end up in. The way this episode works it’s way out was dictated by each dice roll. You will see some of my magical dice rolling karma played out through this episode. I couldn’t have written the episode any better than how the dice ended up falling.

The Holiday Goblin in this episode is from my friend Anderas over at the HeroQuest Ye Olde Inn! Thanks for the great addition to the cast.


Heroquest the Series! Episode 10: Castle of Mystery. “Long ago, a wizard named Ollar discovered the entrance to a gold mine. Using his great powers, he built a magic castle above the mine to protect it. The lower chamber of the castle has many magical doors and is guarded by a host of monsters who were trapped in time. Can you find the entrance to the gold mine? Others have tried, but the castle thwarted them every time.”

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The Host – Thildrelel
The Elf – Drel the Discreet
The Wizard – Orzan the Enchanter
The Dwarf – Aa’ri the Smasher
The Barbarian – Rartak the Wanderer
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