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Meet Mike Adams and Doctor Mark Sherwood | Exposing the COVID-19 Great Reset Agenda

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Meet Mike Adams and Doctor Mark Sherwood | The Founder of Brighteon.com, BrighteonTV, NaturalNews.com & HealthRangerStore.com

Mike Adams joins us to expose the DEEP-STATE -ELITE-GLOBALIST-COVID-19-Great-Reset Agenda and Doctor Mark Sherwood joins us to share about the 100% effective COVID-19 treatments and therapies?

What do you do for a living?
What can you sell us?
What is causing supply chain shortages?
What is the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program https://haarp.gi.alaska.edu/?
What happens if American grocery stores begin to have empty shelves?
How does depopulation work?
Why does Bill Gates want to block out the sun? - https://www.forbes.com/sites/arielcohen/2021/01/11/bill-gates-backed-climate-solution-gains-traction-but-concerns-linger/?sh=320befe793b6
How do the COVID-19 / PCR tests work? Bill Gates- and George Soros-Backed Organization Buys Out COVID-19 Testing Company – https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/bill-gates-and-george-soros-buy-out-covid-19-testing-company_3909833.html?utm_source=News&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking-2021-07-20-2&mktids=4c7b77485753b708172bad88c5db2e09&est=Pntf4x%2FYSo3qmf8tbswC35G5Or9yEvDiGG0nyIkn%2B6jUssSBm7uf7Yc4ZKjFAJWiNsX2
WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA? https://patentscope.wipo.int/search/en/detail.jsf?docId=WO2020060606
Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/global-covid-19/shielding-approach-humanitarian.html
What is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention?
What is the World Health Organization?
What is Dr. Fauci all about?
How would you describe the mindset of those that are in favor of depopulation?
Who are the 5 most dangerous humans on the planet?
Klaus Schwab
Bill Gates
George Soros
Dr. Anthony Fauci
Jack Dorsey / Mark Zuckerberg
What is going on with Joe Biden?
Who is Joe Biden a puppet for?
Who is controlling George Soros and Bill Gates?
What is China’s motive?
What is the end game goal of the elite globalists?

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