38 – Joe wants your guns – Fauci Pushes Back – Election to be Decertified?

Published July 23, 2021 37 Views

Rumble 38 – Joe wants your guns – Fauci Pushes Back – Election to be Decertified?
July 23rd- 2021
1. Even MSNBC Admits The Dems' $3.5 Trillion Plan Is Unpopular
2. U.S. sanctions Cuban officials over protest crackdown
a. Five arrested in Hong Kong over children's books
b. UK MP concerned over Chinese gene data harvesting
c. China's rejection of WHO probe 'unacceptable and dangerous' -WH
a. CNN's Dr. Leana Wen Says Quiet Part Out Loud AGAIN on -Vaccine Mandates-
b. Fauci Haunted by Resurfaced Comments on Gain of Function Research
c. Dr. Fauci Responds to Verbal Beatdown Rand Paul Gave Him in the Senate
d. CNN Guest Demolishes Dr. Fauci - Leaves Host SPEACHLESS
e. Rep Cawthorn - We Want To Prosecute Fauci If GOP Takes Control Of House Of Rep
f. Biden Surgeon General - Equity - is at the Center of Censorship Campaign
5. Biden Admin- Our Number One Investment Priority Is Equity
6. Black, LGBTQ athletes - Special - to represent U.S.
7. Psaki Forced To Admit Biden Admin Made Mistake Promoting Group Linked To CRT In School Guidlelines
8. Trump warns what's happening in America is the 'beginning of Communism'
9. Biden's Response to Reporter's -Defund the Police - Question STUNS America
10. Pelosi Doubles Down on Push to Murder Babies from Poor Families
11. 2A
a. AG Garland cracks down on gun trafficking
b. Biden Admits He Wants to Ban Some Types of Handguns
12. Truth & Elections
a. Pelosi: It’s Ridiculous to Put Jim Jordan and Jim Banks ‘On a Committee Seeking the Truth’
b. Ariz. Senate calls to decertify election
c. Post-Election Audit Causes Decertification Of Fulton County's Voting System In Pennsylvania
13. Lone Officer Stands in the Rain to Salute Fallen WW2 Vet
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