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An Open Letter To Erik Finman & Freedom Phone

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This Is An Open Letter
To Erik Finman & Crew At Freedom Phones

Erik, congratulations on the launch of your product! I applaud the intent. It’s an ambitious project to be sure; however, there are things your company needs to address.

Your FAQs states “Customers may return their Freedom Phone unopened within 30 days of purchase. If the device is already opened, we do not offer returns at this time.” Are exchanges offered in the event a defective device is received?

What about technical support for the device? Who does the consumer turn to?

What is FreedomOS? How frequent are the update cycles planned? How long will the device be supported for?

The PatriApp Store. Who manages it? Are developers sending their apps there?

Why is the phone MSRP higher than the announced $450 from back in March 2021?

More importantly, why is the phone listing bare-boned?

It is customary for Tech companies to provide a spec sheet for their product. There is literally no mention of anything about the device other than an overview of some “features.” There also does not seem to be a consensus on what the specs are across the promoted posts and interviews.

Point is, there are many valid questions including the above that should be addressed. I raised these and other concerns on my latest post across the video platforms including YouTube. (https://youtu.be/O92KFQmVMK0)

Consumers need to know WHAT they are buying, not just the promise of getting “The World’s Best Phone.” Especially, if the phone they are buying is nothing more than a de-Googled UMIDIGI A9 Pro.

Launch execution do not always go smoothly for upstarts so there’s that benefit of the doubt, but the fact remains that little is known about the device, mobile operating system, and app store. Please do the right thing and be transparent with your target consumer base to put to rest any concerns they are being hustled.


A Fellow Tech Enthusiast Fed Up With The Big Tech Oligarchies

-Andres Segovia

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