BODYCAMS: SWAT Officer Returns Fire, Through Car Window, At Suspect Of Shooting Deputy's 4 Year Old

Published July 16, 2021 3,473 Views

Rumble On June 20, police are tailing a man accused of shooting his way into an apartment that belonged to a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy constable and his family. Cristian Alfaro reportedly shot the deputy’s girlfriend and 4-year-old daughter.


Later that day, officers spotted the suspect and chased him down. Alfaro opened fire on SWAT officers, and those offers returned fire from inside their patrol vehicles.

Alfaro was shot multiple times, but survived and is now recovering in jail. He faces at least four charges, including aggravated assault against a public servant.

The motive for the apartment break-in is still unclear, officials said.

Both the deputy’s girlfriend and the child survived. - ThisIsButter

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