Vaccines are taking away Universal Human Rights.
COVID-19 MRNA Vaccines are modifying Human DNA.
Ruled by International Law, modified genomes or humans with modified DNA are considered TransHumans.
MRNA vaccinated people are NOT considered Humans anymore, they become TransHumans.
Transgenic TransHumans don't have Human Rights.
Thus, vaccinated people are losing their Human Rights.
Also, the MRNA vaccines are patented, and patents are owned by an entity.
Thus, modified DNA is owned by an entity.
Thus, TransHumans with modified DNA are owned by and property of an entity, without human rights.
Thus, the owner of the TransHumans can dispose, kill, poison, inject, experiment, enslaves, imprison, steal, seize property even kids, give or sell, etc. All of this legally as the TransHumans doesn't have Human Rights.

Evils wants to take over Human Species.
The vaccines are the mark of the beast.
Time to wake up humanity!

The 1st vaccine as intent to take over your Human Rights and make you TransHumans.
The 2nd vaccine as intent to make you more magnetic and controllable wirelessly by technologies like 5G.
Also, they want you to be docile, so they want to calcify your pineal gland so you can't even think by yourself properly. You can't access the spirit world which is your own intuition. This way you can't resonate and will ONLY follow orders that they will dictate you using 5G frequencies, TV, phones and Internet.
These people are Evils and their plan too.
Do NOT trust them in ANY way!

💫 THANKS Trump for changing these EVIL patented vaccines and for making them experimental, so we can end this experiment. Thanks for ending these Deep-State Satanic cults who want to take over Humans.

Trump is the savior of Humanity.

*PS: Still with Trump, do NOT in ANY way take the COVID-19 Vaccines!

More Vaccine info here: https://www.orwell.city/2021/06/dr-chinda-brandolino-patented-DNA.html

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