Evolving from Self Medicating to Helping Others Heal with Michael Demchak

Published July 3, 2021 20 Views

Rumble HC360 #095 Evolving from Self Medicating to Helping Others Heal with Michael Demchak
I met today’s guest one night when I was out with my wife Michelle, we had an immediate connection and I knew he would be a perfect fit with our 360Nation. Meet Michael Demchak, a South Florida Local who never responded well to being told what to do, who lacked self control and self medicated at a young age, but then was able to flip the script and found his calling to help those in treatment through sustainable fresh food made daily! I hope you will enjoy this candid conversation where we also deep dive into my Scott 2.0 journey. Please share this episode!

Nation we’ve asked and you’ve answered, so, I’ll ask again, as we appreciate your input. If you have any topics or suggestions that you would like to introduce to the Nation, we’re all ears, and appreciate the contribution! We love sharing information and products that serve to positively impact health and wellness! Please go to ScottEBurgess.com and schedule a meeting with me personally, if Facebook is more convenient, you can reach me at our Facebook Community at ScottEBurgess.com, and click the messenger chat bubble in the lower right corner.

Join me as we jump into our in-studio conversation with Michael Demchak, I appreciate that he was curious about me, too, and he did not hesitate to ask me tough questions. I look forward to continuing this conversation, please join our facebook group “The Best & Brightest of Healthcare 360” and join in on the discussion, we’ll see you for episode #096! See you there!

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