Trump Lawyer: Manhattan DA Won’t Charge Trump; Delta Variant Spreads in California | NTD News

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00:00 Trump Lawyer: Manhattan DA Won’t Charge Trump
After years of investigations, a lawyer for Donald Trump says the Manhattan District Attorney won't be bringing charges against the former President.

01:24 Delta Variant Spreads in California
Cases of the CCP Virus Delta variant are rising in California. So far, it appears to be more transmissible. NTD’s Brandon Drey has more on what public health officials are saying.

03:38 Arizona House Passes Anti-Communist Bill
A new education bill is passing the Arizona House. Students will be learning about people who fled communism. A state lawmaker who fled communism himself, explains why it’s important.

05:42 SCOTUS Won't Hear Transgender Bathroom Case
The Supreme Court on Monday refused to take up a transgender bathroom case. In doing so, the court allowed a lower court decision to stand, which ruled that transgender students can use bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

06:57 Marine Hit by Stray Bullet at Times Square
On Sunday around 5 pm, an unidentified male opened fire in Times Square, allegedly missed his target, and hit a U-S Marine in the back. The shooter fled the scene and is still at large.

09:27 Shen Yun Full House
A long line wrapped around a theater in Stamford, Connecticut over the weekend. That's as eager audience members waited for the doors to open, to see Shen Yun Performing Arts. There, many people expressed hope for the first time, after a year of lockdown.

11:49 Classified Documents Left at Bus Stop
Secret documents from the Ministry of Defence containing details of Biden's China strategy, and the incident between a British warship and Russian forces, have reportedly been found at a bus stop.

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Trump Lawyer: Manhattan DA Won’t Charge Trump; Delta Variant Spreads in California | NTD News

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