Jim Corr Is A UN Propagandist And Controlled Opposition

Published June 28, 2021 8 Views

Rumble Jim Corr is controlled opposition, Jim still acknowledges the existance of a non existing "Virus", ("Covid" doesn't exist, period, in any way shape or form outside of the government psyops)

Corr won't tell you anything you don't already know.

He spends he's days spewing United Nations Luciferian "Lucis Trust" "NEW AGED" Propaganda.

Corr is a Propagandist for the elite, he will tell you 99 truths to sell you the one lie.


Corr associates himself with other Luciferian channelers, satanic mentors, Lucis Trust propagandists such as David ICKE, Gareth Icke, Sasha Stone, (British intelligence), Del Bigtree, Alex Jones, Jako, Mikovitz, Sayer Ji, Chari.

The Virus isn't real, so why are these insidious problematic individuals still discussing the "Mortality rates" and "Levels Of Threat" that this non existant virus poses????

I have successfully debunked the entire Virus Hoax.


Viruses Do Not Exist.
Diseases Do Not Exist.
Shedding is a complete Psyops.

Listen, If these individuals were who they say they, true hardcore populists exposing the illuminati, freemasons, elite, undemocratic world leaders. They would be all 6 foot under, a long time ago. The establishment have murdered hundreds of holistic practioners, doctors of natural medicine and naturopathists in recent years, (who were all later found under VERY SUSPICIOUS suicide cases) for merely discussing "cures". Go figure.

Wake up out if your Red Pill "enlightenment" and stupor before you are lead straight to the slaughterhouse.

These individuals are highly dangerous puppets of the elite.

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