Estimated Total Conversion Packs a Profitable Punch

ppcadsthatsellPublished: July 10, 201419 views
Published: July 10, 2014

Advertisers who use conversion tracking in AdWords now have a better tool to get a more complete understanding of the conversions that are the result of using AdWords. It is called Estimated Total Conversions and permits an advertiser to not only see daily conversions such as online sales, but also new conversion types that occur including calls and cross-device conversions.

We know from market activity that consumers don’t stand still for very long. They are all over the board and they are connected to any number of devices with which to shop. That is great for business because it means that a person isn’t restricted to walking into a store or using a PC to make a transaction. At the same time, it can be a maddening experience. The same consumer that starts a purchase on a mobile application could easily finish it on a tablet. This can get very confusing particularly during holiday shopping seasons. What is great about estimated total conversions is that it offers the opportunity to better understand consumer behaviors with some insights that are derived from such activity. It can clearly have a positive benefit for measuring the results of any campaign, or period of activity.

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