ALEKO GateGuard Swing Gate Opener

johnrayPublished: May 8, 201467 views
Published: May 8, 2014

The GateGuard gate openers are designed to open your gates automatically using remote control or keypad. Extremely easy to install! Opener comes with everything you need to automate your gate, including mounting brackets. Reliable Heavy-Duty Steel actuators are handling even super heavy gates, using Screw Driven Pistons. Each kit has fully adjustable brackets that can fit any gates, including push to open applications. Mounting brackets are designed to fit all needs, no welding required! GateGuard 21 Single Opener is a AC/DC voltage system and can be powered from both 24V or 110V. Connect 110V power cable to the control box or simply run low voltage wire to a household outlet within 200' of the operator and you have a power to operate your gate opener.

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