Famous Painting Gets Recreated in 3D

Published April 3, 2014 61 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsGraphic designer Zsolt Ekho Farkas created this incredible 3D rendering, modeled after painter Benczur Gyula's battle scene 'Budavar visszavetele', also known as the Recapture of Budapest. It took approximately a month to digitally map the model, and an additional five weeks to paint and mask the project. Check out the final result!

Gyula Benczur was a late 19th century Hungarian painter who painted the “Budavar vissza foglalas”, also known as “The Recapture of Budapest”. The painting, finished in 1885, depicts the siege of the Budapest in 1686, 200 years before Benczur’s time.

What started as a challenge from his wife, it took Farkas over a map to digitally map the scene and remodel and repaint each one of the characters, plus additional five weeks to mask and paint the digital model.