Best for Kegel Exercises- A&E Duo Kegel Balls Get 50% OFF Coupon Code MOAN397

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Published: March 19, 2014

What if you could stimulated with every stride. From Now you can with A&E Duo Kegel Balls. Just imagine Every step you take... Creates an unforgettable erotic massage! Rolling weights inside each silicone and plastic ball stimulate the inside of your vagina –– and exercise your kegels ! Go ahead and squeeze your vag*nal muscles around them for s*xual pleasure and stronger orgasms! 2" x 1 1/2" balls are attached to 3 1/2" silicone retrieval cord.

Based on Adam & Eve customer input and our design research team, your Teardrop Duo Balls have a more modern, more easily insertable design. The retrieval cord makes removal easy and its own form of pleasure, too!

Take a stroll, walk around your home and enjoy the sensation of Teardrop Duo Balls inside massaging you without the need for batteries. Feel free to squeeze your Kegel muscles, strengthening your pelvic floor.

Later, you'll notice you can grab your lover's penis with greater strength for out of this world love making!
Improved strength and circulation also mean bigger orgasms for you.

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