Playful Husky Wants To Have A Play Date With Little Kitty

Published March 12, 2014 358,960 Views

"They fight like cats and dogs." We all know that stereotype. The dog chases the cat, ready to make the kitty its next meal. Or the cat tries everything to torment or outwit an innocent dog. Cats and dogs are mortal enemies, and they like to challenge each other to show off who is the better pet and who deserves more hugs and kisses. However, we are here to tell you that they can also live in perfect harmony , and no, we are not lying. Even though they differ in some major areas, there are other areas where cats and dogs are similar. This playful Husky trying to bond with the cat is all the prove you need.

The bond between this dog and cat is beyond words. The two best friends clearly love spending time with one another and their affectionate antics have been captured in this adorable video of them. This little kitty is little bit scared from the big Husky, but he is trying to be gentle and show him that he really wants to play and be the best buddies in the world. Aren't these two the most amusing duo ever?

Dogs and cats are the best friends you will ever have. A loyal, loving companion that cares for you more than themselves. Special creatures whose time in your heart will far out number its days on earth.

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