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konstantin1Published: March 5, 201469 views
Published: March 5, 2014

Carving, freestyle, half-pipe, freeride - there's just no matter! How often have you wanted to change the shell up? Edit the profile of hardness, make the radius a bit smaller , higher rocker, to feed up the nose tougher and the heel with softness and add torsion!
And this feeling of standing out, being remarkable , create the design that sparks and would be outstanding among the crowd? These ideas were constantly visited! And that's how we moved to our lab of creating custom skis and snowboards. Carbon fiber, Kevlar, Vectran and many other things, dozen of wood types -high technology - Yes. Difficult- indeed!
Why we do this tho? We are a bit sick, and no rehab exists, there is only a relapse while crushing around your new promodel. So join our family - which increases with every single newcomer- and being collaborated together we're going to (gonna) create,develop and make out your own promodel.
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