Fascinating Video That Shows How To Make A Paper Airplane Fly Forever

Published February 4, 2014 178 Plays

Rumble / Unusual TalentsThis excellent video shows you how to make a paper airplane fly endlessly with a hair dryer and a chair. The principle behind this video is called dynamic soaring. Watch how you can make a paper airplane fly endlessly, only using a hair dryer and a chair!

Dynamic soaring is a flying technique used to gain energy by repeatedly crossing the boundary between air masses of significantly different velocity. Such zones of high wind gradient are generally found close to obstacles and close to the surface, so the technique is mainly of use to birds and operators of radio-controlled gliders, but glider pilots have occasionally been able to soar dynamically in meteorological wind shears at higher altitudes. The most top speeds reported are by radio controlled planes at over 498 mph 801 km/h.

In this video, the black chair acts as a slope, and the hair dryer produces the wind. If you want to replicate the scene, your hair dryer should have a power of min. 1200 Watt, your paper plane must be trimmed correctly, the position where to throw the paper plane is crucial. It took almost 50 times to make this. Wow, so creative and unusual!

Do you know how to make the perfect paper plane? If not we got your back. With a few simple instructions from ViralVideoLab, you will make the perfect paper plane in the world that will fly endlessly and you will have a lot of fun.

Fist you will need a paper airplane, 3d printed part and rubber band. First, you make the paper airplane, and after that, you attach the rubber to the 3d printed motor to the aircraft, and after that, you can use this technique with the <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3zqqn-miniature-dachshund-waiting-for-her-teddy.html " target="_blank">dryer</a>. Amazing, right?

A new generation of paper aircraft! With wings formed like wings of a real plane, the plane's paper profile can fly far more than the usual Paperplane.

The wing of this paper airplane has a wing profile like a real plane: the side has a profile shape. This profile leads to unusual characteristics in flight. There is no Airplane paper, which has almost the same aerodynamic as "profile paper plane." In this video, you will learn how to make this fantastic plane document.

Paperplanes can be so fun, right? Matter of fact they can even make a football match even more interesting. This <a href=" https://rumble.com/v3rzth-paper-aeroplane-scores-at-wembley-from-300-yards.html" target="_blank">English fan scores at Wembley 'from 300 yards' with a paper airplane </a> and the whole audience went crazy!

England managed to qualify for next year's World Cup on their match with Slovenia on October 5; only it wasn't exactly the most exciting game to watch. Some fans at Wembley were so bored during the team's tepid 1-0 win, that they took to throwing paper airplanes on to the pitch. Only this time, the paper aircraft managed to score for the home team!

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