Man Creates Scary Halloween Ghost On A Quadcopter

Published October 24, 2013 7 Plays

Rumble / PranksThis man had came up with a very creative idea for how to scare his friends on Halloween Eve. He created a flying ghost from a RC Quadcopter. This homemade quadcopter is originally intended for aerial filming. Drones are the new modern toys of adults, they are awesome, useful and fun aircraft indeed, and can keep the entire family entertained!

Drones, or multicopters can be lots of fun when flown in a traditional manner, but things get much crazier when you dress you drone up in a Halloween costume. Watch this video and see why this drone creeps the neighbors away! This can literally be called the “Ghost Quadcopter,” and is exactly what you expect this type of device to be. It’s a ghost costume attached to a quadcopter, with the motor pods sticking out on four sides. The two beams of red lightning that peek from the top of the drone look like two scary eyes.

Although the nightlight doesn’t give us a good view of how it’s assembled, this man sure had a really nice idea, but creepy!

The inside light of this quadcopter is good for low-light navigation, and since it’s flown at night, it would be difficult to distinguish the drone from a “real” ghost!


  • sick_boy26, 4 years ago

    I must make this one for my neighbors, some of them definitely deserved it to be scared :)

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