Baby Elephant Screams For Help, Mom Comes To The Rescue

Published October 6, 2013 173 Plays

Rumble / Heroic AnimalsA couple on a safari trip in Africa spotted a herd of elephants walking towards a watering hole to lend a helping hand to a baby elephant drowning in a pile of mud. This amazing video shows the moment a herd of elephants rescue one of their young after it gets into trouble in a waterhole. Watch the incredible mission as dozen of elephants work in unison to get the unfortunate baby elephant to safety!

The couple pans the camera around, showing the magnificent gentle giants when they notice one of the baby elephants got stuck in a pool of mud up to his ears and can’t get out. Understandingly, the baby is frightened and starts screaming for his mother. Immediately after hearing the cry for help, the big family of elephants rush towards the drowning calf and join forces to get it out of the predicament. Team work at its finest!

What happens then will leave everyone is awe! Many of the elephants from the herd that found themselves in the vicinity of the calf, males and females, young and adult, come to the baby’s aid! This video is the perfect proof that elephants are loyal animals and would always help when in need! Amazing rescue captured on camera!

The elephants try to pull and push the baby out of the mud, but the baby keeps screaming in fear. That’s when the mother decided to take matters in her own hands. She pushes the rest of the adults aside, kneels on the ground above the mud pool and starts pushing her baby to the side. She twists her trunk like a fist and pushes the screaming baby on the butt until it is finally on dry ground.

Now that is one elephant mom! Super supportive and caring! She manages to rescue her stuck calf from the mud and take it back to safety! What a precious moment!