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One man band's performance of materials made from scrap metal2m15s

One man band's performance of materials made from scrap metal

Cologne is considered the secret capital of cabaret in Germany. Supply and demand are huge and lead to a colorful mix of the arts. The term "Kleinkunst" has developed as a term for productions that are realized with little financial, human and material effort. The genre of cabaret includes above all the theater and the music. Most of the performances are solos of individual artists and come with a simple stage technique. Despite the low funds, many productions are artistically very high quality. In no other German city do the humor and creativity of the artists blossom in such a way. Cabaret can be admired in Cologne not only within buildings. Many artists take the street as a stage and show their show in well-frequented squares. These include a wide variety of creatives, such as singers, pantomime, magicians, barrel organ players and many more. These performances are particularly popular with tourists and are usually rewarded with much applause and a donation. The street artist with the significant name Schrotti is well-known in the city. He maintains the population with a self-created vehicle that consists of garbage parts. He accompanies his singing on the guitar, underlain with the most diverse background noises, which he creates with his car. Incidentally, he still plays on his harmonica and proves to be a true all-rounder. Shrotti, as hi is called, is probably the most original scrap metal worker in Germany! Schrotti makes music on collected, screwed-together, mobile scrap metal. This ranges from an ancient Kitekat food can, over old energy-saving bulbs, to a wooden spoon. On his covered vehicle he plays guitar, sings and drums well-known hits! He explains to the passers-by how the sounds come about and how he uses everything in parallel! Whether Schrotti, the street musician, actually comes from Cologne is a mystery, he keeps showing up here and there every now and then. The crowd of people around his "Klimperkasten", in any case loves him, and helps him pursue in his mission to create music out of scrap by supporting him financially.

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Emotional Boy Preciously Holds Rainbow Baby Brother1m08s

Emotional Boy Preciously Holds Rainbow Baby Brother

A rainbow baby is a baby born shortly after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in infancy. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what's to come. Such is the case with 6-year-old Mikey, who finally gets his baby brother after years of wishing. Truly a heartwarming moment! All Mikey ever wanted was to have a baby brother . For years this cute boy with ginger hair from Massachusetts would ask his mom, when they were going to expand their family. Since she had some fertility issues before, she didn’t want to raise his hopes up so she was careful to choose her words wisely while explaining to her bot that he might never have the opportunity to play with a brother. She suffered a miscarriage earlier so the family decided to accept that having another child wasn’t meant to be. After the deep conversation with her husband, they were resolved that they would be equally happy and content to live as a family of three. Mikey never stopped asking about when he was going to be around his little brother, so his mom had to be extra careful not to hurt his feelings. She would say that some families simply didn’t have the luck to have more than one child which was perfectly fine. No sooner Mikey heard this, he would always ended up crying his eyes out which was very difficult for the whole family. As sweet as he is, Mikey always found a way to console himself saying that if he didn’t have a human brother, then he had his dog, he could be his brother. Every family occasion this boy talked about how great it would be when his baby brother could join them. He even made s share plan for his brother, whenever he had two same or similar things, he always remembered to put them aside for his future brother. Heaven heard his perpetual insistence for a brother and answered his prayers. One day, the family was hit with happiness when they found out that mommy was pregnant. They were elated. And guess what? It was a boy named Jake who was born 9 weeks early and weighed just 1.7 pounds and he had the same hair color like his brother! Jake spent 60 days in the NICU so when he was strong enough to come out of his incubator, he finally met MIkey. He got to hold his tiny brother for the first time and we are sure that the sight will bring tears to your eyes. It’s heart melting and there is no way that you can get away without being emotionally touched. So when they opened Mikey’s shirt and placed his teeny tiny brother against his bare skin, the boy’s eyes flutter closed and he looks like he’s experiencing absolute bliss. He is both emotional and nervous and he can’t stop giggling the whole time. This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Now, when Jake hears Mikey’s voice, he tilts his little head, turns around to look for him. We truly believe that they will be close forever. Watch the beautiful moment when Mikey’s dream of becoming a big brother comes true, and don’t forget to share.

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 Black 2,000-Pound Bull Devours Entire Loaf Of Bread1m25s

Black 2,000-Pound Bull Devours Entire Loaf Of Bread

Gus is a big boy with a big appetite. He's a full grown, intact bull who is more than 2,000 pounds of solid muscle. He spends his day wandering in his meadow with 20 other cows and their calves. Gus doesn't have to answer to anyone. He does whatever he wants, whenever he wants to do it and there isn't anybody as big as he is to tell him otherwise. And if Gus wants to eat a whole loaf of crusty French Bread, then Gus can have it. It took him about a minute to completely inhale this big loaf as Dave ripped off chunks and fed them into Gus' cavernous mouth as fast as he could. Gus is a big softy at heart and his nature is a lot more gentle than you might expect. This is exceptional among bulls. They are usually dominant, often aggressive, and difficult to trust around humans. Dave has been visiting this herd for several months and has become quite familiar with the cows on this farm. It was a surprise to him when he met Gus face to face recently because Gus had been living elsewhere and had not been in this meadow before. Dave stopped for a break while riding his bike, and he started eating a sandwich. Gus pushed his way through the herd and boldly walked right up to Dave, helping himself to the sandwich. Dave didn't argue with Gus one little bit. In fact, he was frozen on the spot, completely unsure of what the bull might think of an intruder in the meadow with his ladies. When Dave spoke with the farmer later, he learned that Gus is a very friendly bull who has been accustomed to people since birth. He also has a penchant for bread and sandwiches, as Dave already discovered on his own. The farmer told Dave that he was free to visit the herd, as always, and that Gus wouldn't give him any trouble, especially if he was offered a few slices of bread. Surprisingly, research done by Cornell University shows that a diet high in baked goods has no ill effects on cattle or bulls. The same study tells us that cows really enjoy bread. With that in mind, Dave has started meeting Gus in the meadow on a regular basis to share some doughy treats. Bulls are heavily muscled, especially around the shoulders and the neck. Their bones are thicker than cow's, their hooves are bigger, and their head is even made up of a much more solid skull. This allows them to fight for breeding rights with other males, and to protect the herd from predators . These differences are very apparent when looking at cows or bulls. The sheer size and power of a full grown bull is unmistakable. They are one of the largest land animals in North America, closely matched by bison and bull moose. As with any animal, caution should be exercised when interacting with them, especially when food is involved. It is never wise to approach a bull. Unless of course, that bull is named Gus, and you have just been to the bakery to get him a snack.

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Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops1m27s

Farming Machines Work In Harmony To Harvest Crops

Almost everything we eat started out on a farm somewhere. Whether it's the bread for our sandwich, the milk in our glass, the vegetables in our salad, or the steak on the BBQ, almost all food gets to our plates because farmers somewhere put in the hard work to grow it. We often forget the beginning when we look at the end result. We wander the aisles in our favorite grocery stores as we fill our carts with packaged food, as well as fresh produce. But, if we really understood the expertise and the effort it takes to produce it, would we appreciate it more? Would we be less likely to complain about the price? If we remembered that many countries don't have the rich soil and ideal growing conditions that we enjoy in North America, would we grasp that it's not a serious problem when our favorite fruit is out of season? A team of farmers works together to harvest a crop of wheat in this video. One of them drives the combine with the rotary thresher on the front, while another drives the tractor with a grain bin pulled behind. Off to the side and out of sight, a third farmer drives a truck with a storage bin on the back that takes the harvested grain to where it will be sold. Yet another assists with the transitions and provides mechanical assistance as the machines are partially dismantled so they can be moved from one field to another. This team of hard working men will repeat this process as they move across the Township from one property to another, collecting their crops. The farmers are under time pressures to get the harvest done as quickly as possible. They are at the mercy of the weather and bad timing could mean that their harvest gets rained on and potentially spoiled. A drone, launched in the air over this Ontario farm, captures the beauty of the harvest from above and shows how two farmers work precisely alongside each other in a very impressive fashion. They are as smooth as a highly tuned machine. The combine continues along the row, threshing the wheat but the farmer has moved his grain chute out and a second farmer pulls up alongside, pulling a grain bin. Experience has taught him exactly where to position his tractor and how fast to pull it. The combine to his right spills the grain into his bin without slowing down. When the row is finished, the tractor returns to the edge of the field to offload the crop. The combine operator doesn't miss a beat and he spins to his right, beginning another row of wheat. Time is money and their living hangs in the balance as they work fluidly to get the job done. If we all had to try our hand at growing food, we would have a new and deeper appreciation for the men and women who produce it for us. Hats off to the people that work so hard to feed our country!

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Elephant Baby Battles Herd To Get Mom's Milk1m35s

Elephant Baby Battles Herd To Get Mom's Milk

In an elephant herd, some members may not be as strong or as healthy as others, but everyone is part of the family, without exception. Sick or injured elephants are surrounded by the others and encouraged to stand, for instance. Elephants use their trunks to massage the weak elephant's shoulders and head. They also use their trunks to prod sick elephants to their feet and will attempt to use their bodies to support that of an injured or sick elephant. When traveling, healthy elephants often turn and look back at their slower herd mates, stopping and waiting for those elephants to catch up before continuing to move forward. Elephants are well known for their compassion and empathy towards others and just like humans they experience joy, grief, and a whole array of emotions. It is easy to guess how an elephant is feeling just by one short look at its face. But not always. There too in the elephant heard are tricks and power games members play on each other. Elephants have the reputation of the sages of the animal world and it is not strange to put this wisdom into use when moving the piece of the elephant dominance chessboard to their advantage. For illustration, this is how smart they are: they were seen using tools such as sticks to get to ticks, palm leaves to drive away flies. As the Institute of Nature Institute notes, "many young elephants in the wilderness develop mischievous habits to clog a wooden bell that they wear around their necks, with dirt or clay so that they do not make noise during banana rides on the farm at night." Elephants steal bananas, while the owner of the farm quietly sleeps and does not hear the robber. These are the Elephants from the Chester Zoo in Cheshire, England. With four cute calves in the herd and all different ages it can be quite challenging to get to mother’s milk and queuing is not one of their strong points. When you haven't got any patience, you just push the other one out of the way. Aayu the older male of the calves is nursing first when the one-month-old baby Anjan pushes in and get swiftly pushed out of the way again by Aayu, but then he gets pushed away by the bigger female Indali as she decided she wanted some of mom’s milk too. Aayu thinks maybe pushing backward helps but he just gets a shove up his backside from Indali. Little Anjan tries its luck again when Nandita is suckling but gets pushed away. This time mom intervenes with her trunk and kicks out. With the elephants, there is a lot of pushing and shoving going on. Chester Zoo has got seven Elephants, including four calves in the herd of the Hi Way family. They are: Thi (born 24.04.1981), Sithami (born 31.12.1997), Sundara born 07.03.2004), Nandita (born 20.08.2015), Aayu (born 18.01.2017), Indali (born 17.12.2016) and the new arrival Anjan (born . 17th of May 2018) They also have Anjans dad Aung Bo (born 17.07.2001) and female Maya the oldest born 1966. Habitat loss and fragmentation is the biggest threat to the Asian elephants. Also, scientists at the zoo leading the global fight against the elephant disease called endotheliotropic herpesvirus, also known as EEHV which there is currently no cure for. You can see more of this wonderful Elephant family in this video here on Rumble at: