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Time lapse captures variety of tumultuous weather38s

Time lapse captures variety of tumultuous weather

Have you ever heard the term, "If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes?" Here is an amazing time lapse video showing that statement can hold a great deal of truth. Three different storms roll through this beautiful scenery while calm and even some sun break through in the middle. The winds change direction and the incredible clouds rush by showing the awe of nature. This video was taken in Northern Minnesota, where there can be very volatile weather. What a great day to catch on a time lapse!

Husky Puppy Happily Goes Down The Slide9s

Husky Puppy Happily Goes Down The Slide

Dogs are awesome!!!! Yes, they are human best friends, yes they are extremely cute, but also they bring so much fun and happiness. I truly think that every family needs a dog, whatever breed of dog, so they will know what true love is. They will prolongate your lifespan by just laughing at their everyday fails and everyday childish behavior. You will be amassed how much they understand, feel and how much love they are offering. Imagine your child to grow up whit a cute puppy like this. He will know what unconditional love is, but most important he will learn how to take care of someone else. We all know that sometimes dogs are hard to keep, and they make all kind of a mess, but trust me it is all worth it. Ever thought of getting a dog? Any dog? Why not a husky? Huskies are adorable and have one of the most beautiful eyes in the dog kingdom. Also, they are very playful and once they get to know you will have a friend forever. Most people think that huskies are evil and connect them with wolfs. But they are wrong. These dogs have no connection with wolfs and they would rather lick you instead of bite you. Most of the time they are very friendly even to people they shouldn’t be. If you are a husky owner you should know that they are very athletic and they want to be active most of the time, so you will need a lot of time and energy to play with them. But, in the end, all of these efforts are worth because these dogs are very cute and they will fill your life with positive vibes and make you enjoy little things in life. A proof for that is this little husky that enjoys the walk through the park and makes his owner laugh and be grateful for having such an adorable buddy. That brings us to this amazing and energetic husky! He loves going and having fun in the park! This ambitious pup has no problem conquering the slide while at the park. Priceless! You pile in the car and your dog excitedly leans out the window—he just knows it’s time for the park! Dog owners everywhere like to take their dogs to the park to play. And this dog discovered how fun is to go on a slide and she wants more! Dog owners and their best mates tend to love pooch parks. They can be breathtaking spots for mutts to associate, from figuring out how to be a piece of a pack to learning doggie social graces. Pooch parks are additionally awesome spots for work out. Extra advantages of a dog park to the network incorporate advancing dependable pooch proprietorship and in addition obliging mutts and their proprietors in an open space, which has been appealed to lead canine proprietors to more elevated amounts of consistency with pertinent laws. That is so amazing!

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Baby Shark Follows Scuba Divers Like A Lost Puppy1m35s

Baby Shark Follows Scuba Divers Like A Lost Puppy

Scuba divers returning from a deep dive in Belize were making their way along the shallow grass bed to their dive boat. As they finished their dive, they met up with an adorable baby nurse shark who approached them much like a lost puppy. These sharks are docile and harmless, occasionally curious, but they have no reason to sit and look at a diver expectantly as this one did. It paused and looked right at divemaster, Danny, waiting at his fins as if he would issue a command or dish out a treat. When he began to swim away, the shark moved under him as if it wanted something and he couldn't resist the urge to give it a little scratch on the back. As the divers continued, the baby shark followed along as if he were a stray looking to be adopted by a family. It swam under Dave and seemed to be looking for attention. As Dave swam on and met up with Kristy, the shark followed. It was like he was completely at home with his new human friends and was ready to follow them all the way home. Nurse sharks are abundant in Belize. They can reach a size of approximately ten feet and can weigh much more than a full grown man. Powerful swimmers and graceful in the water, they are no threat to people. Although they possess impressive teeth, as any shark does, their mouths are actually designed for feeding on scraps and smaller prey than people. They are not known to attack humans, except if provoked or treated carelessly. Divers find them to be a welcome sight as they occasionally follow a group from a distance and act like curious tagalongs. Baby sharks are seldom seen and this one is smaller than most people are familiar with. Its friendly nature is also exceptional as they don't usually follow divers so closely and they also don't usually seem to want interaction. When careful and respectful, an interaction with wildlife can be the highlight of a dive for scuba enthusiasts. Such encounters should be kept to a minimum and should also be completely on the animal's terms. It is not only dangerous, but it is also unfair to make an animal more comfortable with people than they should be. Such habits can lead to disaster for all. In this case, the divers had very little interaction with the shark before choosing to ignore it as much as possible. He still followed the divers until they reached their boat. His unusual behavior was a treat for these shark lovers. Despite their ill reputation, we can’t ignore the facts that sharks are a masterpiece. They have lithe bodies that are able to thread waters despite their weight. And if you think that they are slowed down by their built, think again. They are so fast that escaping them requires a certain amount of skill, and an enormous amount of luck. It’s only normal that we are afraid of them. What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Kid Gets Dirt Bike For His Birthday And Can't Stop Jumping For Joy 1m24s

Kid Gets Dirt Bike For His Birthday And Can't Stop Jumping For Joy

Mason literally can't stop freaking out after he is surprised with a brand new dirt bike for his birthday. Listen to those screams of excitement! Don’t you remember being excited for your birthday to come around? Obviously, birthdays were much more fun when you were young and didn’t have to worry about getting older. All you cared about was what gifts you were getting and you actually liked the fact you were getting older. Well, this video is about Mason: a young boy who will be getting surprised with a gift on his birthday. Filmed by a female family member or friend, we are able to see Mason’s raw reaction to his new present. Our video starts out with an SUV pulling up the driveway and Mason, the birthday boy, hops out of the car while being filmed from the driveway. There is something big sitting in the driveway, but it is cloaked by a sheet. Obviously, to keep the surprise a secret until he removes the sheet, we imagine Mason is expecting something big! The object is about the size of a bike so you can already tell Mason is excited because he seems to know what he is getting. Mason is a big dirt bike fan so you already know he has probably been hounding his parents for a new dirt bike for weeks leading up to his birthday. The same way we the viewers as kids would make a birthday list and remind our parents about it every minute! Mason is ready to remove the sheet, you can feel the excitement. You feel like a kid again when you are opening your presents, wondering what could it be. Mason definitely has a good idea of what his gift is though. As he removes the sheet, what does he see? It is his old dirt bike! His family has tricked him into thinking under that sheet would be a brand-new dirt bike, but no just his old used one. Mason went from excited to disheartened in seconds but didn’t let it show and went along with the joke. What a good sport! While removing the rest of the sheet of his old bike, you can hear his family giggling. Suddenly the garage opens to reveal a brand-new dirt bike. His family had gotten Mason excited with the bike under the sheet, then disappointed when he saw it was his old bike, then excited again with the new one. That’s quite a range of emotions that all happened in the span of 10 seconds! Mason runs to the new bike screaming and jumping, he’s already ready to take it for a spin. In fact, he even asks if he can take it for a little ride on the driveway. Just something quick to see how his new bike runs. His parents say he can’t because he does not have his helmet. It is always important to practice safety while riding. Mason is so excited and is hugging his new bike, he starts it up and takes a seat on it so how it feels. Definitely, this is a birthday young Mason will not be forgetting any time soon. Hope he enjoys his new dirt bike and stays safe!

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Husky Mama Plays Tug Of War With Her Puppy1m27s

Husky Mama Plays Tug Of War With Her Puppy

What more might you be able to perhaps require in a feature than that? No soundtrack, no portrayal, scarcely a sound other than the scrabble of little paws on the tile floor it's great in the moderate pet-film video. It's not the span of the canines in the session of a tug of war, it's the extent of the pull in the pooches. Isn't that so? That is how that goes, right? Anyway, quit perusing this at the present time and simply watch the little dog play with mother. This young doggie just got like, one, possibly two years highest points of this before he winds up irate pooch adolescent and begins tuning in to rock and roll and blockading himself in his own personal space! Furthermore, don't kick us off on what happens when he begins dating. Just kidding! However, we adore this tug of war! A playful puppy challenges mom to a game of tug-of-war in this heartwarming clip. They get along so well! This video will brighten your day for sure! We love when we see playful puppies like this little fighter! What do you think? Puppies are one of life’s biggest pleasures. If you would invest in a friendship, purchase a dog. You will find unconditional love , endless fun and someone who will show you what loyal friendship looks like. It's impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more puppies. Extraordinary creature. So close a friend, yet so remote. Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies. They are little furry creatures with heart of a gold. No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich. Training a puppy is like raising a child. Every single interaction is a training opportunity. We think that after this war of tug this little puppy will have a lesson from his mom about his behavior but also no doubt he will get a lot of hugs and kisses. House training your little dog is about consistency, persistence, and encouraging feedback. The objective is to impart great propensities and manufacture a cherishing bond with your pet. Puppies are the best thing that happened to the humankind and to the Internet too! They are the sunshine on our rainy day! Just take a look at this needy puppy! This insatiable corgi puppy vocally asks for endless belly rubs ! A funny video has risen of a Corgi young doggie requesting more consideration from the owner. The video demonstrates the owner petting a minor Corgi little guy, yet the destitute canine can't appear to get enough of them tummy rubs and vocally requests more. Someone isn't happy about the lack of attention and is very demanding! This Corgi puppy loses his mind over belly rubs and politely asks for more. Obviously, this insatiable pup is hard to please as he would never want his human to stop petting him!

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Crossfit Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Pulls Tire Across Parking Lot58s

Crossfit Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Pulls Tire Across Parking Lot

More often than not, we tend to doubt ourselves when any kind of inconvenience hinders us from reaching a goal, and eventually, we stop trying and give up. And it's very hard to come back after failing to achieve a goal; sometimes we stop making new goals all together as a result, which is scary because something very small that may have happened by chance, can ruin us forever. Despite this fact, there exists one thing that can give us another opportunity to have hope, to believe in ourselves once again. You may think that you've fallen forever, but there is always an infinite number of paths to take control of, and this video will prove it to you. Here is a video of a woman named Tiffany Eickhoff. She may seem like an ordinary lady on the surface, but if you pay attention and look closely, she is a living inspiration. Tiffany Eickhoff has a condition known as Cerebral Palsy , a congenital disorder of movement, muscle tone, or posture that is caused by damage to the developing brain before birth. This means that it is hard to control one's limbs when making everyday movements. Yet in the video, Eickhoff seems to be attempting what would seem impossible or discouraging. As a young man who is possibly Eickhoff's relative records from a cell phone, Eickhoff herself, with nothing but a cane, begins lugging a large car tire by straps attached to her shoulders. With a determined face and an eager body, Tiffany Eickhoff charges forward across parking spaces in a vacant parking lot. In the beginning, it doesn't seem like she'll be able to do much, but with each lane she passes, she gains speed as well as motivation. With a concrete resolve and encouragement from the young man, Eickhoff covers not 1, not 2, not even 5, but 10 parking spaces! And if you're still not surprised or inspired by this, consider the fact that car tires weigh at least 25 lbs or MORE, and that Tiffany Eickhoff accomplishes such a feat over quite a distance with very little control over her limbs. We simply can't think of anyone who can compete with the strength and willpower of this hardworking woman. Some of you may be thinking, "how is what this woman did relevant to me?" As mentioned at the beginning of this article, some of us give up hope as soon as something seemingly limits us from reaching our fullest potential. What limited Tiffany Eickhoff did not stop her from accomplishing what seemed like an impossible task for someone like her, and if she can push through the boundaries, who is to say that we can't follow in her footsteps? Who is to say that we can't find new ways to get around and overcome obstacles that block our way? You don't have to give up, we don't have to stop trying; What we do have to do, however, is continue to believe in ourselves and our goals. And it can all start by being inspired by amazing people. What will you do, now that you know anything is possible ?

Boxer and baby share adorably precious friendship8m14s

Boxer and baby share adorably precious friendship

Linus the Boxer is a fun-loving, gentle dog who cares deeply for his family and sets the gold standard for playing with kids. This baby girl has never hesitated to quickly and loudly let her parents know when she is even slightly unhappy. If Linus were hurting or upsetting her in any way it would be clear!