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Family dog is seriously unimpressed with new head gear17s

Family dog is seriously unimpressed with new head gear

Koda is one and a half years old and he has a beautiful personality. He will put up with almost anything without protest. This is a good thing because he belongs to a family with young kids who adore him and love to play with him. He soaks up all the love and affection good naturedly. He also loves to play with toys that he can fetch or chew on, like this purple octopus. When his owner, Tianna dropped the octopus onto his head, Koda patiently sat perfectly still. Watching his eye, visible through the gap in the octopus' legs, we can see what appears to be a look of good-natured annoyance. He stares straight ahead, as if in disbelief over the indignity of having such a ridiculous toy on his head. Tianna can't contain her amusement and she bursts out laughing at Koda. His eyes rotate to the right to look right at her and this expression seems almost human. He blinks and looks straight ahead again and if dogs could speak, it looks as if he would say: "Really Tianna?" There seems to be no doubt that he is questioning her maturity at this point, or he is mildly offended that she is laughing at his expense. Then, in typical dog fashion, he flips his head back to get the toy octopus off of his face so he can chew it. All appears to be forgiven and he is now playing along with the game. He is able to get the toy in his mouth and make it squeak. Perhaps the look of disgust is a result of his own sense of humor and he's enjoying the game after all. The look he gives at the very end is enough to melt your heart. Koda is a mix of german shepherd, husky, and golden retriever. Commonly called "mutts", these mixed breeds often combine the best of several breeds and have the most wonderful temperaments. They seem to make the best family dogs too. As you can see, Koda is a beloved family member and he enjoys all the privileges of family, including being welcome on the family couch right next to his people.

Little girl trains her gigantic Newfoundland puppy55s

Little girl trains her gigantic Newfoundland puppy

Little Sierra’s new puppy isn’t your average sized puppy. Samson the Newfoundland puppy has a big body, and some big teeth to go along with it! Sierra is determined to help Samson learn not to nip but it is a daunting task. These two have worked together from the start and have a special bond. Is there anything cuter than a child teaching a puppy about life? Good job, Sierra! You’ll get there Samson!

Friendly parrot tries to engage duck statues in conversation2m27s

Friendly parrot tries to engage duck statues in conversation

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! He likes to have conversations with his owners, talking, doing animal sound imitations and acting silly. He also enjoys singing and dancing in some of his video compilations. With his amazing talking abilities, and funny antics, Einstein the talking parrot’s videos will keep you entertained for hours! Einstein politely asked his duck friends if they would like a grape. He gives them a friendly wave, then asked if they would prefer broccoli or sweet potato. He informs them that "It's good". Sadly, he gets no response, so Einstein offers water and again tells them it's good. He walks up and gently nudges one of the ducks with his foot. Einstein decides that maybe a little dancing and whistling would get thier attention. It didn't, so he walks over to them again and reassuringly tells them it's OK. Einstein continues to dance his heart out. Sadly, no response. After one last nudge and a little hug Einstein decides the ducks just aren't interested in what he has to offer. If you would like to watch more videos of Einstein, visit his channel page on Rumble: Einstein parrot is also famous for some of his silly quotes and sayings. Online, Einstein the talking parrot is popular across many social media platforms. Einstein's favorite places to talk at home is perched on the shower wall, in the kitchen on his drawer, and on his screened in back porch. As stated on his website, Einstein's mission statement: "To entertain and bring joy, to foster the human-parrot bond, and to convey that parrots are deserving of immeasurable amounts of patience, nurturing, and companionship." Einstein's website ( ) is designed to inform you about the care of parrots and also entertain you. As previously mentioned, Einstein is popular on many social media sites such as YouTube @einsteinparrot, Instagram @einsteinparrot, Twitter @einsteinparrot, and Facebook @einsteintexanparrot. Living with a parrot is a big commitment. Parrots live a very long time. A parrot such as Einstein can live to be 50 or 60 years old. Many larger parrots like Macaws can live to be 100 years old. They all require a lot of care, proper nutrition, training, time and patience. Parrots need a lot of attention and lots of toys and activities to keep from being bored. Parrots are also expensive, a large cage is an investment and plenty of play perches to spend their out of cage time. Specialized veterinarian care is also required. Most of all they require your companionship and a forever home. Many people decide after the first few years of parrot ownership that the responsibility is too great and the parrots become neglected and sometimes abandoned. When that happens they are sent to parrot rescue facilities to be adopted by a new family or some spend their lives in sanctuaries. It is often said, "Having a parrot is much like raising a 2 or 3 year old child for the rest of your life!"

French Bulldog wraps himself in Christmas lights21s

French Bulldog wraps himself in Christmas lights

Winter holidays are especially exciting, with all the sparkly lights, ornaments and colorful decorations, and don’t get us started on the chocolates and treats! All of these things are great fun, and no less so for our pets. Charlie the french bulldog loved nothing more than helping his family put up the Christmas tree and decorate the house, so much so he got himself caught up in the Christmas lights and had his owners in tears of laughter!

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Cat loves to give herself a warm shower every day54s

Cat loves to give herself a warm shower every day

Vanna is a cat with a lot of personality. And she loves to imitate her owner, Maria. She became fascinated with the shower and the running water. Most cats soon figure out that the bathroom faucet is a source of entertainment as well as being a good place to get a drink. But Vanna has also decided that she wants the water running over her. Maria is happy to oblige and she even adjusts the water so that it is warm. Vanna moves around under the water as is if she is bathing and wants to get herself entirely clean. Vanna actually asks for her "shower" every day now. For years, people have asked the question: "Why do cats prefer running water?" This has baffled most of us, but animal experts believe that it's an evolutionary thing that goes back to when cats were wild animals. They instinctively knew that stagnant water was more likely to carry disease and infection. Running water was more likely to be clean and safe. Cats also have a fascination with things that move. Many people have cats that wait at the sink for the tap to be turned on, even if they have a bowl of readily available standing water to drink from. And many cats alternate between drinking and pawing at the water. Having natural curiosity and an understanding that the water is coming from somewhere, it is very likely that this playing is actually a form of inquisitiveness, as much as for entertainment. It is highly unusual however, to find a cat that enjoys being immersed in water, even partially. Vanna stands with her head under the stream and rotates around under the tap to get herself as covered as possible. While doing so, she even enjoys a drink and a little bite at the stream of water. At one point, she stands still, obviously enjoying the sensation of warm water running over her neck and back. Vanna's owner can also be seen checking the water temperature to ensure that it's not too hot for this adorable cat. Pets provide us with endless hours of amusement, especially when they are acting a little bit like a person.

Chihuahua adorably wraps herself in favorite blanket32s

Chihuahua adorably wraps herself in favorite blanket

Dogs are quirky creatures and the one thing that they all have in common is adhering to a regular routine. Just like the child who loves to hear their favorite bedtime story, animals have certain nightly rituals before going down for the night. This recently rescued Chihuahua named Dixie has the run of the house during the day, but prefers to sleep in her crate at night. It makes her feel safe and secure and possibly it's a throwback to the dog den of her ancestors. Anyone who owns a Chihuahua knows that they love to burrow under a nice soft blanket and this dog is no exception. This dogs owner instructs her to wrap herself up in a blanket in preparation for a cool night and the dog follows her command right on cue. It's so cute! Chihuahuas can be traced back to an ancient breed called the Techichi which were kept by the Toltec people in Mexico in the 9th century A.D. They are a lively and intelligent breed and are extremely social. They are always up for meeting new people and travelling to exciting places. They are a very hardy breed and quite long-lived. It is not unusual for a Chihuahua to reach the age of 15 to 20 years when well cared for. They form a very strong bond with their owners and like most dogs are very protective. They can be prone to a little jealousy at times so if you own more than one, be sure to give them equal attention. Due to their compact size they seem to fit in anywhere. They do well in apartment life or a regular sized home. They are not fussy animals and home is wherever they hang their leash. All they care about is having you within their sights 24/7. They love to go for walks or just hang out watching TV on the couch. You will never feel lonely with a cute Chihuahua by your side. Some dogs of this breed have earned the reputation of being yappy, but that has more to do with the training that they have received. A well socialized dog will not exhibit these negative behaviors. Generally speaking, these dogs are of a very happy temperament. They are comical. entertaining and learn tricks with ease. One thing for sure is that they are literally brimming with personality. A whole industry exists in the area of clothing for these dogs. You will often see people walking them around town in adorable customized outfits and the Chihuahua seems to thrive on the attention it receives from the public. I'm sure that you've seen these dogs in airports with their sweet little faces poking out of their customized carry-on bags. They have been used in the advertising industry with great success. Are you the owner of a Chihuahua? We would love to hear about your experiences with this particular breed. Is your dog sassy or placid? Does it have any funny quirks or rituals that it adheres to? We would love to hear your thoughts, Feel free to comment below and please share this clip with your friends.

Scuba diver stumbles upon very odd ocean creature1m09s

Scuba diver stumbles upon very odd ocean creature

What kind of a lazy bones lays motionless in the sand? No this is not pertaining to a lazy vacationer after a night of too much fun! After cruising from Miami Florida aboard the Norwegian Getaway cruise liner, Brent and his wife Elsa had plans for scuba diving on the Island of Roatan. Roatan is approximately 40 miles off the northeast coast of the country of Honduras. Being a fairly small coral reef island of 48 miles long and 5 miles wide it’s main source for income is tourism. Well known for scuba diving and snorkeling there are many locations throughout the island to take in the beautiful waters and sea life. Located near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea (second largest worldwide after Australia's Great Barrier Reef), Roatán has become an important cruise ship, scuba diving and eco-tourism destination in Honduras. The diving company that Brent had booked with was located in Westbay, a short drive from the cruise ship port of Coxed Hole. Coxen Hole is also the capital of Roatán municipality. After a short meet and greet with the dive guide Vero from Roatán Divers, Brent, Elsa and Vero were off to their first dive site called Punchers Paradise aboard a very speedy panga boat. Five minutes with wind in their hair and then Vero was tying up the boat to an anchor rope. Into the crystal clear Caribbean water the three divers plunged. Descending to the bottom so they could all meet up after settling in, Brent checked his dive computer which showed his depth of 55 feet, and water temperatures of 82° F. Once together Elsa and Brent ventured along the beautiful sandy bottom looking for small creatures. Being one of the largest coral reefs in the world, this location was filled with small and large coral heads (structures) raising out of the sandy bottom. Thousands of beautiful tropical fish like we have seen in the footage of the famous Jacques Cousteau filled every crevice of these coral structures. Moving slowly along, Brent spotted a very strange fish in the distance. Brightly colored, it stood out very well. Approaching slowly, Brent noticed it had a strange looking head, or was it upside down? Descending onto the sandy floor, Brent could see this fish was staring right back at him and not moving a muscle. Identifying this little guy of about a foot long, Brent now knew it was a remora. These fish attach themselves to larger fish, turtles, rays, and sharks to scavenge food scraps from their larger “free ride”. The suction cup looking section on the top of the remora’s head is his ticket to a free ride. What a beautiful but strange looking creature when not attached to his free ride. Why was he just laying on the bottom motionless? Was he sick? Was he waiting for a new “ride” to come along? Most likely that is exactly what this beautiful remora was doing. Waiting for a new ride to show up so he could continue his duties as a “cleaner fish” and enjoy a life of just “hanging around”.

Sea turtle casually swims through group of scuba divers27s

Sea turtle casually swims through group of scuba divers

Pacific green sea turtles are a frequent enough sight in the waters around the Galapagos Islands. But getting a close look is a treat that doesn't happen every day. Shy and reclusive, they will move away from divers unless the approach is extremely slow and cautious. It is very unusual to have a sea turtle approach a human, as this one did. Whether it was indifference, or curiosity, the turtle headed straight for the divers and swam through the group. This is a remote area, Known as Kicker Rock, off the coast of San Cristobal Island. Although the turtle has undoubtedly seen people underwater before, diving and tourism is heavily regulated and very limited in the Galapagos Islands, and this turtle would not likely have seen humans often. Expectations for proper behavior here are extremely high and it is almost certain that the turtles enjoy more respectful and predictable interactions on those rare occasions where they do meet people close up. Gone are the days when people would hang onto sea turtles for pictures, or for rides, especially in this protected area. In fact, the waters around the Galapagos Islands make up the world's second largest protected marine sanctuary. Scuba divers here appreciate the privilege of being allowed to enter and the guides are strict. People who don't obey the rules with respect to the wildlife find that their scuba diving or their visits promptly come to an end. This turtle is a fully grown, mature female. They look identical to male green sea turtles except for three obvious differences. The male has a slightly larger head than the female. His tail is also much larger. The tail of this female is less than 1/4 the size of a similarly sized male's tail. A third, but less obvious difference is the presence of small white hooks on the leading edge of the front fins, approximately halfway out from the body. These hooks help the males hang onto the females during courtship and mating encounters. As this turtle calmly swam through the divers, it swam directly in front of the camera and provided us with a beautiful view of it swimming gracefully out into the blue ocean.