4 Steps for Quick Start Marketing of Your Handyman Service

Published June 17, 2021 24 Views

Rumble This video does a quick overview of the 4 steps to creating a basic marketing campaign for your handyman start up. It really is as easy as this. I will offer more specifics down the line.

Handyman Boss shares tips, teachings, and everyday job-related experiences to get you on your way to being a self-employed handyman or home services provider. You'll ditch the employee mindset and become a boss with more freedom, confidence, and money.

We offer a crash course that will tell you everything you need to know to get started. The course is specific for handyman businesses, but is fully transferable to all kinds of home service related professions. We want to encourage you with help and support as you seek to become an employment-independent handyman boss. From start to finish, we assist with the nuances of running a successful home improvement service. With back office support, setting up your legal entity, online presence, real-world job advice and education, even moral support when times get tough.

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