WE ARE THE STORM! Mikki Willis, Producer of Plandemic, EXPOSES Fauci, Gates & The EVIL JABSTERS!

Published June 13, 2021 8,850 Views

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WHAT?! DIDN'T YOU KNOW...?! WELL, NOW YOU WILL! You've watched a LOT of great videos about Fauci the Fraudster, Bill Gates of Hell, the COVID LIE and all about other EVIL JABSTERS, but THIS EPIC INTERVIEW with MIKKI WILLIS is a MUST WATCH and an experience you won't soon forget! The producer of PLANDEMIC, the most CENSORED DOCUMENTARY of all-time, shares the UNDENIABLE TRUTH about the NEFARIOUS COVID-19 models used to justify long-term lockdowns, Shuttering Schools, Quarantining Humanity, and Mask Mandates! Mikki FRIES FAUCI, the Facemask Freak in this POWERFUL and INTRUIGING video interview! But Mikki doesn't stop there! He EXPOSES Bill Gates and all of the EVIL JABSTERS and UNEARTHS the origins of FAUCI'S FUND-FOR-ALL of the Wuhan Lab and just how he was able to get away with that DASTARDLY DEED, even after POTUS Trump banned the use of ABORTED HUMAN FETAL TISSUE in Gain of Function research. BOOOOM!

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