A Planetside 2 short-One Man's Spawn Beacon, Is Another Man's Death Beacon!

Published June 13, 2021 25 Views

Rumble A Planetside 2 short, I spawned on a spawn beacon and this happened!
COME JOIN THE FUN IN PLANETSIDE 2! It's A FREE to play MMOFPS(massive multiplayer online first person shooter) that I think is one of the BEST games I've ever played. It's available on PC & PS4. I use to play it on ps4 back a few years ago. It is somewhat futuristic themed with a modern feel. It does have somewhat of a learning curve and takes time to understand, and can be a grind for new weaponry and equipment. I recommend joining a mentor squad for tips and to have questions answered. It features 3 factions that are at war with each other, and three worlds that alternate every so many hours that the factions are fighting over. There is land and air combat and a variety of vehicles. "GOOD LUCK SOLDIER!"
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