Unmask our son unmask the kids

3 years ago

Update Dill has Cov so now has antibodies & we are going on 2 year. Thank you Stew Peters for sharing our story.
This video was made because we wanted to raise awareness as to the negative effects of children with mask mandates. Unmask the children! Not all children can wear the masks, after well over a year our son has been suffering not only does he have an ultra rare disability that causes chronic pain, the need for assisted walking devices (wheel chair, crutches, crawling, knelling etc) he can not wear the face masks ! We’ve tried having him attend school in person when they’ve been open, however he can’t make it throughout the entire day in a mask! It’s heartbreaking he’s waited an waited to be able to go to school, make new friends now that we relocated into a new neighborhood. It’s hard to meet others when you can only be home, or to the local parks that many required masks! Tractor supply would let us go they were amazing to understand our valid medical exemption, but also seemed to side with everyone should be free (the workers anyway no idea about the upper levels) Sometimes he could make it for an hour or two with one sometimes not, in the video you’ll see what Dillon is going through! For everyone saying it’s not big deal & saying such cruel things about why we want the masks off we’ve been patient, kind, considerate to everyone else’s feelings. We like many others followed all the rules, tried following the ever changing science, but now we know it’s enough. So many of you say it hasn’t changed your child’s life much just mask up an they can go back to doing what they love, well he can’t mask up! So now we created a wishlist & you are free to help us bring disneyworld home, build a playground, get him proper tutoring, and the childhood he deserves that has been taken away those that keep saying your child is more affected at all. So many run their mouth without any care in the world to the suffering that children have endured. NY said last week no more masks for children they would be optional an a few days later reversed the decision, it’s broken his heart & ours. Please spread awareness an idea anyone does want to help brighten Dills world here’s his Amazon list https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/P5ZQ5FTIJT64?ref_=wl_share
Be kind and remember EVEYONE has a story! Just because we don’t agree doesn’t mean we didn’t care nor we’re not affected by covid 19 many of us had it and overcame it, an some did not. However our sons childhood an mental health matters more to me then making you “feel” better now by him wearing something that is in hardly anyway effective, for something he can hardly get or give! Why don’t you double mask or better yet stay home for over a year see how you feel!

God bless everyone 💕🙏

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