We Are Global Government - Bessette Family History - Honor Your Word!

Published June 10, 2021 24 Views

Rumble www.PeaceMakerSociety.org www.AllRightsReservedUniversity.org www.VIPEmpire.org Say hello to Peace Maker Society as FULL Competent Law Jurisdiction Government/Empire coming to prosecute the entire legal system for war crimes against all mankind! Time to arrest politicians, police, lawyers, crown and crown attorneys, all corporations enforcing covid hoax... etc.

Time to peacefully launch unincorporated economy, while litigating all competitors to hostile peaceful takeover financial and business markets. :) Free basic needs for all, open market for all non basic needs globally. Mix of all systems, to cause no harm, and delivery best programs and results for all. YOU RUN THIS YOUR WAY, TO YOUR LOCAL STANDARDS.. WE teach you, we don't rule anyone. We will be holding all willful war criminals accountable, including citizens who harm sovereign rights.