10 most life-enhancing benefits of the Ultimate Vitality Boost

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The 10 most life-enhancing benefits of the Ultimate Vitality Boost are:

1. increased energy
2. boosts fertility and libido (for both men and women)
3. increased brain power
4. boosts immunity
5. reduces inflammation
6. stabilizes blood sugar levels
7. improved blood circulation
8. nourishes your skin
9. supports digestive health
10. increased happiness

Have you had a Divine Nudge lately?

I did!

It was more of a SHOVE!

And it could have ended a whole lot worse than it did…..

It could have been a catastrophic 4 car pile-up…

Last Saturday night I was driving home at 10 pm with Cohen, my 11 years old grandson, after attending a basketball game.

Just outside Ulverstone, several cars merged onto the Bass Highway, and I moved over onto the right side of the road, to make room for them, when suddenly, out of the left-field a P-Plater pushed me almost off the road.

I was traveling at the speed limit and now suddenly found myself traveling on the grass at 105 km per hour narrowly missing a guidepost, with the P-plater almost stuck to the left side of my car.

It was scary!

I managed to keep control of the car, by hanging onto the steering wheel and not using the brakes.

Had I slammed on the brakes, I would have lost control for sure and there would have been a pile-up.

Eventually, I got back on the road, overtook the P-plater, and forced him to slow down.

I was going to stop in and give him a piece of my mind, but then I decided to let him off the hook.

On the way home, I began to wonder what this Divine nudge was all about?

Because we live in a Universe where there are no coincidences.

I mean, I travel this road all the time, have done so for 63 years, without any hiccups.

Divine Nudges, Synchronicities DO in fact HAPPEN - but many of us explain it away as a coincidence, or say: “How weird is that?”

Not ‘Weird’ … they are Divine Nudges or WAKE UP CALLS.

Back at home, Grada was asleep with Fia and Nova, two of our young granddaughters, when Freddy, our labradoodle began to bark frantically.

Grada got up and looked around to see why Freddy was alarmed, but there was nothing.

Freddy kept howling.

He was still barking when I walked in 10 minutes later, and that is when he stopped.

Isn’t that amazing?

Dogs and pets are 100% clued into our experiences because they care about the important things in life.

They are connected to the BIG PICTURE!

I just wanted to share this story with you, because when it comes to our health, we sometimes take a hit.

Sometimes it is completely unexpected and uncalled for.

Something breaks down.

Perhaps your digestion, or your mental health, or your hormones.

All you can do is hang onto the steering wheel with all your might, waiting for the crisis to pass.

You get what I am talking about…. It could be something as innocent as a migraine, or as serious as cancer, or diabetes, or heart disease.

Health challenges are hugely stressful!

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