Are You Ready ?

Published May 29, 2021 24 Views

Rumble Are You Ready ?

You say you're ready to be set free,
But are you ready to give all to me?
You say you're ready, but is that true?
If you're not ready, there's nothing I can do
For you.

You say you're ready to live for me,
But are you ready to die? You see,
If you're not ready, you're not part of the vine.
If you're not ready, then you cannot dine
Or drink the new wine.

I cried for you;
I wept all night for you.
I longed for you,
My righteousness for you.
I died for you;
I gave my life for you.
I bled for you;
I shed my blood for you.

Copyright © Howard Alan Parsons

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