Watchman Warning: I Tell You The Riddle Of The 37- The Next Phase Of The 37 War & Our Escape

Published May 25, 2021

Rumble 5-24 Was worshipping with Shakina Glory song I found (posted on FB) and was sharing the experience I had in the car in NC driving back from Top Sail Beach with Gail when I Recieved Revelation 4:7 Four Beasts And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. This lead me to this 37 min message I remember this day perfectly and was thinking about the Throne room then it pops up notice the comments mention Revelation 4:1 @3:11 mark I say, "Baptized in the Holy Ghost ate age 33? @6:25 Isiaha 40 vs 24 The Whirlwind It's been Revealed this message is about the Comfort Coming from the Rapture of God's People! @10:37 Shakina Glory Before the Throne @12:02 REFERENCED 1 video back from 12-5-12 (find) @21:31 Revelation 4 "Environment of Praise" has no death. @28:27 IMPORTANT: The very same Warrior Angel that told me on 7-5-12 37 Means War spoke again to me A SECOND TIME: "REMIND THEM ABOUT THE OPEN PORTAL" Revelation 4:1 then, "That Open Portal is available 24/7 thru PRAISE! @29:29 THE REST OF THE REVEAL IS FOR THE FUTURE (FROM 2012) TOLD BY THE ANGEL TO TELL PEOPLE 2 THINGS. 1 YOU CAN GO BOLDLY TO THE THRONE ROOM OF GRACE TO OBTAIN MERCY BECAUSE YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO @31:29 2 DO THIS ANY TIME THRU THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE 33:37 Mark WHAT WAS THE SONG BEING SUNG THE SONG OF THE REDEEMED Then did bible study on Grace Video prior to that is 12-5-12 Be Encouraged Walk in the Power of Christ, He has already planned your escape! EARTHQUAKE Warning again both 12-5 videos
& President Obama suspends funding of Israel Embassy. Sections *3,7* of Jerusalem Embassy Act
Exactly 5 months to the Day From Angel 37 War encounter to the 2nd Angel Visit 37 7-5-12 to 12-5-12 #5 AGAIN 5 Wise Virgins Go Up 5 Foolish Stay
Scriptures on the 4 Beasts Rev 4-5-6 14-15-19 Ezekiel 1 & 10 Isaiah 6
in 1st encounter i had there were 2 portals for us there is only 1 portal The Open Door
Scriptures: Luke 1:24 Revelation 9 Genesis 7:24 Genesis 8:3 150 = 5 months
Gary texts me Israel attack Iran I hear LEBANON and search it 8-4-14 God's Warning! Lebanon -Hinderance - Persecution! Video 1 (and it's Gary on the phone in the Warning too) @5:21 Palestine
Video 2 My Wife & I Share Our Dreams: Lebanon - War - & Sept Spiritual Time Shift! REVIEW! @2:54 "We are getting reports that Lebanon has been T-1'd supposed Iran Involvement." Something was happening in San Francisco & Boston and major war was starting @8:41 Israel West Bank Gaza Strip @ 9:11 California @11:11 Gail's Dream A Time Shift of 1 Month occured. Hurricane Dorian @9:45 "Something is about to come forward from the Word of God that shall DEVASTATE Matthew 24:3 at the time 14 fires were burning in California Psalm 104:16 "Cedars of Lebabon" SYMBOLIC Psalm 104:19 (419) He Appointeth The Moon For Seasons (Blood Moon Tomorow 5-26) 104:32 He looketh on the earth, and it trembleth: he toucheth the hills, and they smoke.
5-25 1 year anniversary George Floyd Preparing NEXT PHASE Reveal