After 200 Years

Published May 25, 2021 111 Views

Rumble I wrote this in January of 1976 while serving in the United States Army stationed in Frankfurt-Hoechst, Federal Republic of Germany.

After 200 Years

After 200 years you would think we would learn
After 200 years of turn after turn
After 200 years of try after try
After 200 years we no longer know why
We are here
And that's rather queer.

After 200 years we have gotten away
From the things that our fathers had taught us to pray
And we don't teach our children to worship the Lord
No, we don't teach our children to trust in His Word
And we stray
Farther, farther away.

After 200 years of pleading in vain
After 200 years of feeling the pain
After 200 years I'll never know why
The Lord of our fathers even should try
To help us
Ah yes, but he does.

It's time that our nation started serving the Lord
It's time that our nation started reading His Word
It's time that this nation of ours headed home
To the values we had before we started to roam
I don't know
If it will ever be so.

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