Billie Beene E 1-172 Biden/Cabal Plan - Take Out 20% American Citizens and Israel!

Published May 18, 2021

Rumble It is being reported by Steven Ben-nun that Big Brother is gearing up to spy on people. The government has new technology that they can use to listen to and watch you in your home using the electrical wire in people's homes.

Big Brother's plan is they have all the data and the Democratic government sees 20% of the American people as being a threat to them. This consist of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Second Amendment people, and going beyond this, anyone that has tattoos, rides a motorcycle are considered to be a threat to the government.

Steven Ben-nun is reporting that the Cabal did a cyber attack on the pipeline recently and it is planned to do the same on the banking system.

God, Bible, Monkey Werx, Paul Begley-Mike FATW, Gene Decode, Cristenw, Michael Jaco, Mike Pompeo, David Nino Rodriquez.

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